Late Night Ball Game‘ is the new single from Sydney-based electronic/pop artist Handsome and it is a song essentially about capturing “what it is like to be stuck in your own head when you’re deeply worried about having to reveal a secret to someone you love.”

Handsome adds that ‘Late Night Ball Game‘ is a story of coming out, how you go about it and the ramifications of coming out to loved ones.

“It follows the story of a person coming out to their friends, their family, their loved ones. A story that often reflects turmoil, and hurt and pain.”

Handsome asks: “Why do we instil fear in our young ones who are simply wanting to reveal who they truly are?” Handsome adds that while she had been working on the song for “over a year ago”, she “finds itself so relevant at this very moment speaks volumes.”

Adding how the “saddest thing about this debate [Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey] and what really resonates in this song in my opinion, is that their is a huge power held in the hands of those that we need acceptance from – our families, our friends – and now that power has been given to the Australian public.”

To coincide with the release of the single, Handsome has released a music video, which features five of her “friends, representative of the closeness of the queer community.”

Going into detail about the five friends, Handsome notes how “they bring each other strength, support and the power to be themselves – despite what the world throws at them.”

“In a series of narratives, the video wades through real experiences. The build aims to resolve these tales, and even though some of their truths are hard to swallow, there is a sense of release.”

Working in collaboration with Joyride, Handsome has put together a solid effort, that not only showcases her great work as a music producer, but also as a storyteller – telling the story of secrets, love and identity – all within this nearly four minute piece.

Late Night Ball Game‘ is off Handsome‘s forthcoming new EP ‘No Hat No Play‘, due out for release early 2018.

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