Girl Blue is paying homage to one of the – arguably – best rock bands of all-time, Fleetwood Mac, with her cover of their hit single ‘Dreams‘, a song that is essentially a way for the band to deal with their own problems. However, in this cover, Girl Blue has put together a soulful rendition of the Fleetwood Mac classic.

Speaking on why Girl Blue chose to cover ‘Dreams‘, Girl Blue note how the Fleetwood Mac album “Rumours was an album I’d had around as a kid but it hit me really differently as an adult. The album is full of hits, but Dreams has always been the quintessential Rumours song for me.”

The music video features visuals that portray a female character out in the woods at night singing incantations over a spell she’s casting.

“I think that visual really leans into the foreboding you’ll regret this side of the lyric, I wanted to channel Stevie and the spirit of the song a la ‘The Craft’ and the ‘The VVitch’’ it was really fun to do.”

Girl Blue is currently living in New York, where she is working hard on her new album, due out for release in 2018.

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