Following on from the release of her first hit single of 2019 “Jump The Fence“, California-based pop artist Gia Woods has returned with another pop anthem that explores another take on the world of relationships and love, as this time around the Los Angeles native explores the story of falling for an ex-lovers new girlfriend.

Featuring a collection of bright pop beats, synth keys, whips and Gia’s very own bouncy lyrics with killer ego-breaking lyrics like “I met your new girlfriend, she’s cool” and “I like her more than you”; Gia Woods glides the listeners (and viewer) along during this two minute and 50 second anthem of head popping storytelling.


Facebook: GiaWoodsOfficial
Twitter: @GIAWOODS
Instagram: giawoods

Tour dates

8 April | School Night | Los Angeles, California
5 May | Sun Fest | West Palm Beach, Florida

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