Fuzzy Vox is a French rock and roll three-piece (Hugo, Gregoire and Jeremy) out of Paris and recently they released their headbanging, rock enthused anthem ‘I Fell In Love With The World‘.

I don’t know much about Fuzzy Vox, but I Fell In Love With The World is a solid track that offers a lot of good elements of a hard-hitting rock anthem. From the recurring lyrics, to the heavy handed drum beats, guitar strums, and a story that showcases the internal madness of a man that essentially can’t stop seeing the antics of Fuzzy Vox.

Going through their virtual discography on Spotify, the three-piece out of Paris offer more feel-good rock melodies with the rest of their tracks. Told You Before and 1789 are standouts.

If you like watch you here, then you can catch them in the UK right now.

8th – Brudenell, Leeds
9th – Soup Kitchen, Manchester
10th – Le Pub, Newport
13th – Talking Heads, Southampton
14th – Lantern, Bristol
15th – The Albert, Brighton
17th – The Camden Assembly, London

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