Ferris & Sylvester are an indie-folk duo out of London and today they have released a music video for their single, ‘Better In Yellow‘, a song that essentially pays homage to the colour Yellow – and how much it can bring a “a positive state of mind, happy and vibrant, instead of settling for greyness.” explains Ferris & Sylvester.

Expanding on the creation of Better In Yellow, Ferris & Sylvester add how “It can be easy to wear black and blend in.”

“Sometimes though, it’s best to be yourself, put on some clashy colours and not care too much.”

Ferris & Sylvester continue to expand on the creation of “‘Better In Yellow’”, which “was recorded in our kitchen with our favourite musicians.”

On the creation of the video, the duo note how “The video is a dreamy, retro portrayal of the colourful sentiment in the song.”

“We wanted the video to be striking and simple, using bold and clashy colours to get that old TV set vibe. We had so much fun making it.”

Adding how the best part was spending “a day throwing paint, punching cakes and chucking glitter around.”

Speaking on the forthcoming EP, Ferris & Sylvester continue, “It’s part of a collection of songs that represent a defining moment in time for us, so it was only right to record it our way in our South London flat.”

Ferris & Sylvester‘ Made In Streatham EP is due out 2 February.

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