Esoterik and James Crooks have released a formidable collaboration with Asta on essentially a song that is for anyone that is struggling with their own addictions.

Going into detail about the initial creation of ‘Be Like You‘, Tasmania-based artist Esoterik noted how the “lyrics for Be Like You allow me to express my love for the new worlds I have found since giving up my 10 year battle with alcohol.”

“At first I thought I was talking to myself through the song, but after a few listens I realised that the lyrics could easily be about anyone who might be struggling with their own addictions, and in turn this could be a letter to them.”

Working in collaboration with James Crooks on the single, James noted how he “had a massive realisation after a conversation with an old friend who I used to party with. I’ve overcome that part of my life and am now a totally different person.”

“The lyrics (which now make up this chorus) came so naturally to me after seeing the stark contrast of how much I’ve changed in comparison to someone still caught up in it all.”

Asta plays a small vocal part in the single and her voice adds a lot to the overall presentation of this colourful, engaging offering of sound and off-the-wall beats.

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