Just under a month ago New York-based artist Elle Winter released her sweet new pop anthem ‘Sick Of You‘, however, two days ago Elle Winter released a just as sweet lyric video which prominently features the catchy lyrics of the single.

Speaking on the release of the single, Elle explains how she is “very excited to begin” her “next musical chapter with” her brand new single single, ‘Sick of You,’ “which describes being with a person who understands you and that you connect with” explains Elle.

“It’s fitting for me to set the tone of this chapter with a message of connection, given that this is what I strive to do through my music: connect with others.”

Stay tuned for more, as this is only just a fresh taste of what’s to come off Elle’s forthcoming debut EP, and if ‘Sick Of You’ is any indication of what is to come, then you can expect more beautifully crafted pop melodies and worlds of sound to explore.


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