Elle Azar is an electro-pop artist out of Tennessee and recently the Nashville artist released a second taste of what’s to come off her debut self-titled album – due out in May – with the release of ‘Starry Night‘.

Starry Night is a smooth, slow burning night time jam that essentially explores the existential dread you often face after setting your phone alarm for the evening.

Going into detail about Starry Night, Elle explores how Starry Night is “sort of” a “lullaby” she wrote to herself.

“It’s about all those late nights I stayed up tossing and turning and feeling like I was losing my mind… Asking exhausting and intimidating questions about the meaning of things, wondering how it would all turn out, If I’d ever meet my soulmate back then, or if I’d already missed that moment— and a million other things.”

Elle continues with how she then had “the thought, ‘We can’t solve all of heaven’s mysteries tonight.” ’There was beauty in accepting that I didn’t have to have everything figured out just yet.” However, instead she wanted to “focus on the things that” she does “know and the beauty that” she “can see.”

“There’s a lot of peace and perspective in trusting in something larger than me. It made all my anxieties look a little smaller.””

Following on from the release of her debut single ‘Mess’ early in 2019, Elle Azar has out together another solid offering of her debut release with a song thatn o only touches on an issue close to the heart of many people – having to wake up without finding answers from the night before – but also how much story and smooth vibes she can shove into a three minute and 37 second single.

Stay tuned for more form Elle Azar closer to the release of her debut self-titled album in May.


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