Eliza & the Delusionals are an Australia rock band and recently the four-piece out of the Gold Coast released their brand new single “Jackie“, which is essentially an ode to Eliza’s own dog who sadly passed away.

Speaking on the creation of “Jackie”, frontwoman and vocalist Eliza explains how she originally wrote this song about “coping with loss after” after her dog Jackie “passed away.”

“It was probably the saddest I had ever felt. I wasn’t sure if I’d ever be able to write a song that would do justice to how I was feeling, but it felt really right when I finished writing it.”

“Everyone experiences loss and I want this song to help people realise that they we don’t suffer alone,” Eliza concludes.

“Jackie” is more than an emotional tribute to Eliza’s dog, the single – and music video – offers a lot of orchestrated work, from the finely tuned dream rock vibes, to the heart-wrenching lyrics to the heart-warming visuals; this is an overly satisfying single for you to enjoy… with your pet.

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