As someone that is a punk/alternative-rock kid at heart, when I hear a track that makes my head bop; I just have to share it. That is the exact feeling I got from Newcastle’s Eat Your Heart Out and their brand new single.

Coming off the release of the five-piece’s brand new 11-track album ‘Florescence‘, ‘Spinning‘ is a song that explores “dealing with mood swings”, explains Eat Your Heart Out’s vocalist Caitlin.

Expanding more on the single’s story, Caitlin explains how the single also touches on how “emotions can be unpredictable and leave you feeling dizzy from the rapid changes.”

“You want to help them stabilise and get to a better place in their head but sometimes you just have to go along for the ride first.”

Eat Your Heart Out continue to showcase a great mix of loud punk-rock vibes and strong story elements that accompany their instrumentals and Caitlin’s soothing vocal range; that remind me of other Australian bands like Stand Atlantic and Tonight Alive.


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More Eat Your Heart Out

Back in 2017 Eat Your Heart Out released an Eat This Music favourite titled ‘Rust‘, it’s off their EP Mind Games and it is worth a listen.

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