Major Minor are a two-piece hailing from the tropical beaches of the Whitsundays in Queensland. The duo have just dropped their latest video for the track titled ‘Dreams.’ The fresh track is a collaboration featuring The Walkerz. This banger is a follow up from Major Minors previous successful track ‘Visor.’

The Major Minor guys have a reputation for producing tracks for local rappers in tropics of the Whitsundays. The sound of ‘Dreams’ can best be described as fusing electro trap and pop vibes. The 3 minute track contains a strong repetitious percussion backbone, catchy rhythmic chord progressions and vocal runs. The songs ambience is light and spacious in texture which really mimics the tropical vibe. The use of electronic drum track and synthesizers are adding to the pop flavour. With the two male vocals expressing a buttery flow and explicit lyrical content are both vocal style characteristics that stay true to the trap genre. This track is my go-to song for the week and “I’m never looking back.”

— Written by Lisarox

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