Doolie is a pop artist out of Queensland and today sees the release of her brand new single ‘2:20’.

Following on from the release of KOLD in 2017, Queensland’s pop upstart Doolie has returned with an anthem that explores being on the same page as somebody who you like and who likes you back, explains Doolie.

Offering more dark pop vibes and deep voices as were featured in her previous single, Doolie using 2:20 as a platform to continue to grow as an artist, as Doolie explains how the “process of this song was so amazing” and how “it was” her “first time being thrown into a session with someone [Charlie Threads]” she “had never met before.”

“Everybody relates to missing someone, I guess we equally tapped in to that. This was also an opportunity for me to showcase the fact I’m really not ‘just a rapper’, I’m multi-layered and I’m glad Doolie and her team saw that and got me on the joint, we got another one!”

— Charlie Threads

Since the release of KOLD in 2017, Doolie has been in hibernation working on new material and the recent signing with a new label has solidified herself as an artist to watch throughout 2019. Stay tuned.


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