Demon Days are a five-piece out of Perth and recently they released their music video for ‘No Winners‘.

No Winners is a song that essentially “emphasises expectations vs reality,” explains Demon Days’ lead singer Bella.

It wasn’t too long ago where I was raving about how much I liked their single ‘Killer Bees‘, which, just like No Winners, is another laid back, jazz, pop and funk vibe-heavy track that have the band so much time to showcase their down to earth music.

Speaking on the creation of No Winners, Bella continues to explain how one of the main ideas for the single, was about highlighting “lots of minimal mundane tasks and show them in almost a romanticising way as you would with someone after a breakup (you remember the small details).”

“To juxtapose them I wanted to break it up with unconventional items for example popping a balloon with a kitchen knife; as to kind of bring that person back to reality.”

To coincide with the release of the video, Demon Days have also announced the forthcoming release of their debut EP.

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