The last time I heard a song from CYN was back in 2018 with the release of her single ‘Alright‘, which I still like a lot and listen.

Since the release of Alright, CYN has gone on to release ‘Terrible Ideas‘, ‘I’ll Still Have Me‘ and ‘Believer‘. All great pop anthems in their own right.

However, today sees the release of CYN’s second single of 2019 titled ‘Holy Roller’, a song that essentially works as a platform for CYN to create her own girl cult, but it is also about exploring “sacred dedication and blind faith in someone.”

Speaking on the release of the new single and music video for ‘Holy Roller’, CYN explains how the song “is truly a collaboration of all involved resulting in our version of a girl cult with a side of wink,” explaining how the video “is meant to provoke some thought and definitely meant to make you smile!”

“When I wrote the song, I was trying to relax and not take myself too seriously – the same goes for the video.”

“I was aiming for something true to me, and this video hints at how I was raised and what I believe now,” CYN concludes.

CYN is entirely an underrated artist and deserves more exposure. While this new single is not as slow and vocal heavy as her previous singles, it is still track that shows CYN’s growth as an artist.


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