Zeolite are a death metal band from Tasmania, and they have released their new single ‘Compulsion’. The song is fast and brutal and loud and deep, and according to Zeolite’s vocalist, Fraser Mainwaring, the track is filled with their reflection of society:

“Compulsion is concentric around the perpetual tyranny of man. As with most of our tracks, we write as reflection of society but also parallel to history. In this case the song evaluates the actions of man both throughout history and in our current political climate,”

To celebrate the release of Compulsion the band will be touring down the east coast with mates Bury the Kings, you’ll be able catch Zeolite in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Adelaide throughout November and December.

Tasmanian metal maniacs Zeolite

Tasmanian metal maniacs Zeolite (Fraser, Patrick and Lucas).

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