Fresh off her national tour with The Rubens, CLOVES has returned with her brand new single titled ‘Hit Me Hard‘, which is song essentially about “about the defining last moments in a relationship,” explains CLOVES.

Going into detail about the single, CLOVES explains how the relationship “had gotten to the point where we were just emotionally shut off from each other” and how they were “living in each others’ space but not really there.”

“I’d had a couple drinks at the pub one night with some of my friends and as soon as I got home we immediately started arguing.”

“I finally told him to hit me with something real and asked him to tell me what he was really thinking because I couldn’t be a part of that act anymore,” CLOVES concludes.

Expect more tracks to be released by CLOVES as we move ever so closer to the release of her debut album ‘One Big Nothing’ on September 28.

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