ILUKA is a pop artist from Sydney and she has released a new track called ‘Blue Jean Baby’. One of the reasons I like ILUKA’s new track is because – not just because she is great on the guitar – of how easy it is to listen to. The instruments come together smooth and don’t over take her vocal work. I can actually hear what she is saying!

Prior to the release of ILUKA’s newest track Blue Jean Baby – in the span of four years – ILUKA release two previous tracks, ‘Paper Doll and ‘Sweet Marianne‘. Both tracks are just as fun and upbeat as this latest offering from ILUKA. As far as I know, those two tracks won’t be available on ILUKA’s upcoming EP, but you can listen to the tracks for yourself by clicking their titles.

Blue Jean Baby comes from ILUKA’s upcoming EP ‘Blue My Soul’, which is scheduled for release on Friday, February 17, 2017.

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