Beth Macari is a pop artist out of Newcastle, England and today sees the release of a music video for Beth’s latest new banger ‘Clone‘, a song essentially “ultimately about empowerment,” and how it is “based on a situation i think lots of
people can identify with,” explains Beth.

“Break ups are never fun, and seeing an ex with someone new isn’t easy but i wanted Clone to be an uplifting song that focuses on regaining your independence and coming out of it stronger.”

Speaking on the overall notion of the single, Beth feels like she got her message across, but how she is also “looking forward to hearing people’s thoughts on the single.” Adding how her “bestfriend plays it on repeat before a night out which” she things is a good sign.

The essence of the single features the likes of tribal beats, atmospheric layers and synths for days. Explaining the creation of the single, Beth tells me how she “was in the studio,” and “was in a bit of a bad mood.” “I wanted to write something sassy but uplifting. It was one of those songs that came together really quickly.”

“I’m really excited to put out lots of new music this year including Boy and some really cool collaborations, and as ever i am in the studio working on new music.”

2018 looks to be a big year for the Newcastle native as Beth has more music on the way, “some great festivals in the summer,” and also how “there is some touring in the pipeline.”

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