A couple of days ago Behind Crimson Eyes released a forward for their new single ‘Stardust‘. Today sees the release of the single, with the band expanding on the meaning of the single as a platform to make the case of the purpose and meaning of life itself, not from the prospect of an infinite afterlife.

Going into detail about the reason for the new single, the band note the recent milestone, as it has “been 11 years since we released A Revelation for Despair, and 9 years since we released Self-Titled.”

The band conclude: “It’s over this period we realised just how fleeting and precious the time we have on this earth is. With that in mind, we decided that Behind Crimson Eyes should serve to inspire people to make a positive impact on the world; to improve the happiness and well-being for everyone, now, and in the future.”

“Stardust marks a new beginning for Behind Crimson Eyes; one of purpose and ambition. We believe this will be the most important and heaviest music we have ever written.”

With that said, Behind Crimson Eyes will be donating 25% of all royalties made from Stardust to and

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