Here is a great new track from Australian electronic duo Bad decisions. Their brand new single is titled ‘Escape Plan‘ and it is essentially about not being able to find your own place of peace.

Speaking on the inspiration of the single, one-half of Bad Decisions, Cameron, explains how he got the idea and inspiration for the single after he had “a dream that turned into a nightmare”, which essentially “left” him “wide awake, breathless and with a dreaded sense of urgency.”

“A feeling that whenever and wherever I found my place of peace, the alarm would suddenly go off and I’d have to grab everything and leave immediately. It made me feel very uneasy.”

Coming off the release of their debut album ‘A Moment In Time‘, due out later this year, Bad Decisions’ Escape Plan is not only a song that features a strong offering of dark, brooding and slow burning atmosphere, but also a three minute and 10 second world of digitally enhanced recurring beats, over-shadowing vocals and a story that makes you want to run for the hills… before grabbing the duffle bag.


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