Atticus Chimps are a three-piece (Sam, Theo and Jordan) out of the Gold Coast and recently they released a music video for their single ‘Don’t Blame Me‘, a song that essentially takes a darkly cynical “light stab at consumerist culture,” in the form of “a chimp in a suit that gets bored with the mundane formalities of day to day office life.”

“These aren’t criticisms about people with a desk job – that makes up a lot of us – it’s a criticism of the system that led us to that point and the people who pull the strings at the top and set up miniature put-put courses in their penthouse office suites! “

Speaking on the creation of Don’t Blame Me, Atticus Chimps‘ guitarist and vocalist Sam Bray explains how the three-piece “tried to embody the psyche of a white colour businessman – a corporate huckster – and see what motivates them to ‘sell the lie’,” Sam continues “and be solely motivated by the profit margin of selling a product, and not by the meaning and fulfilment you get from creating something from scratch.”

“In other words, we’re dopey arm-chair philosophers that try and solve all the worlds problems by writing a catchy song!”

Atticus Chimps are still young in their musical career, the three-piece have only been performing together for a couple of years, but according to Sam, the band have a lot of material written that has yet to come out with more stories to tell an more fun to be had.

To celebrate the release of Don’t Blame Me, Atticus Chimps are heading out on the road for aWe six show tour Thursday 23 November to Saturday 9 December in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Collingwood, Bendigo and Melbourne at The Zoo, Snooker World, Valve Bar, Bendigo Hotel, Musicman Megastore and Woody’s Bar in their respective cities.


Thursday 23 November | The Zoo | Brisbane
Friday 1 December | Snooker World | Gold Coast
Sunday 3 December | Valve Bar | Sydney
Wednesday 6 December | Bendigo Hotel | Collingwood
Friday 8 December | Musicman Megastore | Bendigo
Saturday 9 December | Woody’s Bar | Melbourne

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