Ash is a three-piece out of the U.S. and today they have released a new taste of what’s to come off their forthcoming album ‘Islands‘, with their gritty, fast paced, loud anthem titled ‘Buzzkill‘, a song that is “so fun, dumb and full of unnecessary swearing,” explains Ash member Tim Wheeler.

“We used to know a band called Buzzkill in Belfast in the 90s and I think their name has been in my mind for all that time wanting to get into a song.”

Tim continues, how he saw “The Undertones playing a couple of times recently” and “was guiltily thinking how much the backing vocals I’d written for ‘Buzzkill’ were mimicking their style.”

Tim asked members “Damien (O’Neill) and Mickey (Bradley) to sing on it [Buzzkill],” which the both of them were honoured to. That leads us to the actual song, “it’s a fun song” and Tim is hoping it will “ignite a few mosh-pits for us this year.”

Buzzkill is a fun, simple track. There really isn’t much else to say.

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