Brisbane Metal five-piece, As Paradise Falls’, have kicked down the door of 2017 the only way they know how to, by creating a badass film clip, showcasing how good they are as a band and the use of their multi-instrumental percussion throughout the course of their new three minute and 45 second single.

‘Star Blind’ is one of the many great tracks and the first step on the road to the release of their forthcoming album, which also features the vocals of As Paradise Falls’ brand new vocalist Shaun Coar (previously working with the likes of Vessel Born, Touring Vox for Feed Her to the Sharks, and Bound For Ruin).

Keeping things locally, the band shot the entirety of the video at Rainbow Beach at the Sunshine Coast in their native state of Queensland, also with the added use of drones to showcase the diverse landscape as the women in the video runs around the sands all on over the beach to juxtapose their music throughout the track.

As Paradise Falls’ new single ‘Star Blind’ is now available via all good digital retailers.

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