Coming off the release of her debut album ‘Salt‘, later this year, Melbourne native Angie McMahon has given fans a taste of her a fresh taste of her debut album with ‘Pasta‘, a slow burning offering of mundane – essentially boring – things.

Using her hair as a moustache, playing with her dog, yawning, drinking, balancing a water bottle on her head, riding around around in a computer chair, staring out into the sky, essentially leading to Angie finding herself in the streets and on stage. This nearly five minute single from Angie McMahon takes the viewer on a wild ride of emotion… and thoughts.

Speaking on the creation of the single, Angie McMahon goes into the evolution of Pasta, as she explains how it is a “song about feeling really tired, trying anyway and wanting to rock out like Springsteen,” as “‘Pasta’ sees Angie liken eating too much gluten to feelings of loss and hope.”

“I struggle with time management and I can be really mean to myself about it. I got to the tipping point where I let go of the pressure and just did whatever felt good.”

“The gold star reminds me of being a kid and having encouragement, but the adult version that I’m learning is that you just have to encourage yourself and not wait for other people to do it,” Angie concludes.

Try not to fall asleep while watching Angie McMahon’s Pasta and you might actually enjoy it.


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