ETM 93 Favourite Songs of 2016

Tonight on the Best of 2016 program, I was joined by Elliott. We talked about a whole bunch of things, but the main reason for the show was to feature my favourite songs of 2016; from the likes of Alex the Astronaut, San Mei, Quintessential Doll, Jess Kent, Noella Nix, KLP, Ali Barter, Naations, Elki, Mischief, Coda Conduct x Jimblah.

While I didn’t get to play all of the songs I wanted to, I will play the rest on next week’s episode.

That’s it for me this year! Thanks a lot for turning in. This year was massive for Australian music and I was glad to bring it to you via 89.3FM – 2GLF.

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See you next week for the first episode of 2017!