Eat This Music for 17 June 2020

This week on Eat This Music I have new music from Kota Banks, Gabriel, Rob Tirea, Leah Kate, Parker, Julietta, Adeline, John Dole, Efi Gjika, Baby Bulldog, Ro, Taura, Marie-Clo, MALKA, Now Ex, Double Vanity, Ironess, Harmony Byrne, Phil X, Jane N’ The Jungle, Plants and Animals, Johnny Hunter, Shamir, Savannah Conley, Wing Defence, Honyock, The Jailbirds, Voodoo Bloo, The Meanies, Figures, K.A.A.N., Raw Collective and Otiuh.

You can find a playlist of the songs played on the program here: and a Soundcloud version here: