ETM 101 Mel & Lauren from Market Lane

Mel and Lauren from Market Lane join me to chat about their forthcoming venture, Train Line Sessions.

ETM 100 Ella Fence

This time on Eat This Music I was joined by Queensland-based pop artist Ella Fence.

ETM 99 Axel Carrington from Rag n’ Bone

This week on the program I was joined by Axel Carrington (Guitarist) from Perth, Western Australia, four-piece Rag n' Bone, whom also have their debut album, 'A Handful of Ash', being released this Friday, 3 March.

ETM 98 Sarah Belkner

This week on the program Sarah Belkner joins me to talk about her new album; due out for release on Friday, February 3.

ETM 97 Australia Day Eve Music

KLP, Clairy Browne, Methyl Ethel, The Pink Tiles, Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, Green Buzzard, New Venusians, Iluka, Foreign Architects, Glitoris, Biscotti and Malka.

ETM 96 La La Music

Mookhi x Billy Fox, Asha, Cosmo's Midnight, PVT, Imperial Broads, Emilee South, The Wildbloods, Oslow, Wet Lips, The Creases, Horror My Friend and Paradigm.

ETM 95 Alex the Astronaut

This week on the program Alex the Astronaut joins me to talk about her new single "Already Home", here upcoming gigs in Sydney and more.

ETM 94 Favourite Songs of 2016 – Part 2

Waza x Aquila Young, Iluka, Death Team, Mezko, Nicole Millar, Whispering Jacie, Pearls, Mallrat, Bec Sandridge, and a cover of Silverchair by The Gooch Palms.

ETM 93 Favourite Songs of 2016

Tonight on the Best of 2016 program, I was joined by Elliott. We talked about a whole bunch of things, but the main reason for the show was to feature my favourite songs of 2016; from the likes of Alex the Astronaut, San Mei, Quintessential Doll, Jess Kent, Noella Nix, KLP, Ali Barter, Naations, Elki, Mischief, Coda Conduct x Jimblah.

ETM 92 Second Last Show of 2016

Electric Fields, FeelsClub, Millington, The Sorted, Mosquito Coast, World Wild, Stevie Bankster, 808s and Greatest Hits, Tinpan Orange, Urthboy, Elki, Alex Lahey, Alison Wonderland x M-Phazes and SPOD.