ETM 161 Heaps Good Friends

Recently I had a chat with Dan from Heaps Good Friends about their debut EP ‘Hug Me’, forthcoming shows, positivity and other good stuff.

ETM 160 Chase Atlantic

Today I spoke with Christian from Chase Atlantic about their debut album

ETM 159 What So Not

This week Australian electronic producer What So Not chats about his debut album 'Not All The Beautiful Things', due out this Friday, March 9.

ETM 158 Reece Mastin

MASTIN (Reece Mastin) on his new single 'Not The Man For You', his career so far, 2018 and more.

ETM 157 Borneo

Today I spoke with Tim from Borneo about their new EP Rebel Mindtricks.

ETM 156 Kyso

Kyso on his new offering ‘Drop Out’, working with Dex, what comes next, and more.

ETM 155 Robinson

Yesterday I had a chat with pop artist Robinson about her new single 'Nothing to Regret', which is out today.

ETM 154 Harts

This week on Eat This Music, Melbourne-based artist Harts chats about his new single 'Ain't Nothin' On Me'.

ETM 153 CJ Babbington from Bakers Eddy

This week on Eat This Music, New Zealand-via-Melbourne's Bakers Eddy member CJ Babbington joins me to chat about their new single 'Sad and Happy'.

ETM 152 Adrian from Fight The Sun

This week on Eat This Music, Adrian from Fight The Sun chats about their debut self-titled EP.