ETM 10 Music Waltz

A random mix of music for you to enjoy during the week.

ETM 9 Made In Australia

It's all about Australian music.

ETM 8 Non-Stop Music

No ads, no talking, it's non-stop music.

ETM 7 Heroes of Folk

It's all about heroes of folk.

ETM 6 Chilled Sounds

Songs to chill out to during the week.

ETM 5 New Beats

New beats that you may or may not like.

ETM 4 Sounds Of The Underground

Sounds of the underground.

ETM 3 Live Aid

It's all about LIVE and Unplugged music.

ETM 2 Accessible Headliners

Episode 2 was meant to be a cover special, but due to bad time management on my part, that doesn't happen.

ETM 1 MusicMania

Welcome to the first episode of Eat This Music! Tune in, relax, and enjoy.