ETM 30 Budget Cut Music

Dianas, Lupa J, Omiera, KP, Milestones, Rainbow Chan, Belltalk, Bootleg Rascal, RedSpencer, Willowy, Tourism, Sarah Belkner, Buoy Oh Buoy, Love You More, The Expol, Smashed Jaffas, and SALTAIR.

ETM 29 G20 Music

WAITS, Hedge Fund, I Know Leopard, Ali E, GL, Cub Sport, The Pretty Littles, Phia, Thelma Plum, The Furrs, St. South, Julia Why?, Azura, Koolta, Total Giovanni, Timberwolf, and Dan Delux.

ETM 28 Not That Kind of Music

Zombie Cats, Timothy Nelson & The Infidels, Foreign/National, Sons of Rico, The Stiffys, Lincoln le Fevre, No Sister, Open Swimmer, Smoke Stack Rhino, Latham's Grip, Heads of Charm, The Bennies, Goldielocks, The Demon Parade, White Hex, and Dylan Joel.

ETM 27 Sunday Night Music

Magic Bones, Tired Lion, Glass Skies, Mayweather, Forbes, Kween G, Seeka, Coin Banks, The Trotskies, Dear Seattle, Bare Bones, and Family Values.

ETM 26 Gough Music

Violet Swells, Rachel By The Stream, Big Friendly Giant, Biddlewood, Twin Haus, The Pink Tiles, Silver Hills, Naked Bodies, Alpha Beta Fox, Monte, and Holy Models.

ETM 25 Snow Music

Kathryn Rollins, The British Blues, The Dark Hawks, Super Best Friends, Stonefield, Brave, Eves, Gordi, The Former Love, Alexa, Jesse Davidson, Problems, Julia Henning, and Emma and The Hungry Truth.

ETM 24 A Whole Lot of Music 2

Waterford, Wow and Flutter, SWRLS, The Mondays, Young Maverick, Run to Damascus, Dream In Colour, Jonesez, 3Speed Dragster, Eloise Ashton, Eat Your Heart Out, Captives, Messrs, Drawcard, The Kite Machine, Pinch Hitter, Roku Musi, Saint Abbé, Yes I'm Leaving, Little Casino, Tom West, Joni in the Moon, Vowel Movement, The Ocean Party, Ellen Kibble, Usurper of Modern Medicine, Love Hate Rebellion, The Houses, Boatfriends, Anders, Sui Zhen, Bjear, Birdz, and Dubioza Kolectiv.

ETM 23 Rabbitohs Music

Music for you to listen to while getting over the NRL Grand Final.

ETM 22 Hawthorn Music

Music for you to listen to while getting over the AFL Grand Final.

ETM 21 Study Music

Music for you to enjoy while studying for your exams.