ETM 40 Music de Mayo

Hermitude, Ivan & Alyosha, Holychild, Sunset Sons, Of Verona, Race the Flux, Oh, Be Clever, Oh, Cassius!, Aimee Lou, Coda Conduct, REIKA, Turnover, Bad Luck, Ainslie Wills, Ben Wright Smith, and Rexxy.

ETM 39 1st Year Anniversary Show

Megan Washingston/Jasper Leak, Hedge Fund, Hazel English, Mathien, Ocean Bones, The Dead Love, Scott Helman, Tenterhook, Geowulf, WILSN, Elena Stone, Thom Lion and The Tamers, Hockey Dad, and Release The Hounds.

ETM 38 Coachella Music

Cathedrals, Beth Moore, Blasted Mechanism, Mating Ritual, Stand Atlantic, Libertay, Waxahatchee, Eliot Sumner, Max Frost, Ceremony, Fantastic Negrito, Myami, Ella Thompson and Kathryn Rollins.;

ETM 37 Easter Music

Dead Sara, Dear Rouge, Jon Bellion, Stonefox, Big Data, Airport Impressions, SKIP&DIE, Itchy Poopzkid, Superheaven, Genevieve, Deeper Upper, Lower Dens, The Moonlandinz, X Ambassadors, Highly Suspect, The Kenneths and Hyena.

ETM 36 March Madness Music

Ro Malone, Ottawa, Wolf Alice, Attica Riots, The Hunts, AKDK, Boxed In, Kingswood, Rebecca's Room, The Stereophones, Jessica Hernandez and The Deltas, Miracles of Modern Day Science, Kristin Slipp, Shenna, Cut Your Hair, The Colourist, and Carnival Youth.;

ETM 35 Very Late Valentine’s Day Music

Baby Baby, PHFAT, JungFreud, Greg Chiapello, Babaganouj, The Bungalows, Moriaty, Julia Why?, Dark Fair, Ash-Leigh, Super Kaleida, Hippo Campus, Misty Miller, Ottawa, Miracles of Modern Day Science, Kristin Slipp, and The Hunts.

ETM 34 Australia Day Music

Polish Club, New Regulars, The Reversals, Emma and The Hungry Truth, Rolling Blackouts, The Black Ocean, Birds With Thumbs, Covers, The British Blues, Eleanor Dunlop, Glass Towers, Andre, Elana Stone, State Shirt, and Supercontinents.

ETM 33 Favourite Songs Of 2014

Winters End, Elsie Lange, East, Kingswood, Skyways Are Highways, Pigeon, Big Data, Little Odessa, Marksman Lloyd, Run For Your Life, The Twoks, Dubioza Kolektiv, These New South Whales, Amy Shark, Riff Raff, Foxsmith, Julia Why, and Daily Meds.

ETM 32 Summer Music

Caitlin Park, Swim Season, Born Joy Dead, Maids, Superholics, Naked Bodies, Stax Osset, Dianas, Wolf Cola, Brufield, Jason Manic, Jordan St. Quintin, Split Feed, Saskwatch, Kate Kay Es, Flower Drums, and Drawcard.

ETM 31 The Lost Episode 2

Slow Turismo, March of the Real Fly, Kylie Whitney, The Walking Who, ay'b'free MC, Vivant, The Jensens, Xavier Blake, Chris Magira, Split Feed, Emperors, Too Soon!, Childsaint, Tobias Hengeveld, Doctopus, Amy Rose, and Twin Caverns.