ETM 50 Fifty Episodes Strong

Sara Kendall, Oh Be Clever, Leather Tramp, Marina Kaye, Dim Sum, Izzard & Blankts, TĀLĀ & Sylas, The Sours, Moon Boots, Janelle Kroll, Lupa J, Dive In, Fools and Foes, WRLD, Veronika Redd, Regal, Halsey, 1st Vows, and Boy.

ETM 49 Funk-N-Beats

FOXTROTT, PROHPET, Melanie Martinez, Circa Waves, LYLOH, A Brilliant Lie, Aylee, Riot Child, BUOY, JAILL, Colleen Green, Lisbon, Ocean Alley, Wayfarers, The Oh Hellos, and Hide Your Kids.

ETM 48 Hulk Hogan’s Spotify Playlist

Hazel English, Meg Mac, Kindred Fever, GJan, Lyel, Hailee Steinfeld, Frances, Jess Glynne, Tapestry, Hotboy Mula, Elderbrook, Sabella, Foxes Faux, Georgia, Kiiara, and Kitty.

ETM 47 Rowdy Roddy Music

Emily Vaughn, Foxes, Stine Bramsen, Lewis Del Mar, Born Cages, Airling, Derrival, Still Living, Glades. BØRNS, Jenny Hval, Meg Myers, FLETCHER, Mating Ritual, Rainbow Kitten Surprise, Ropo Porose, and Xprime.;

ETM 46 Splendour in the Grass 2

Photocomfort, MIYNT, Elohim, CRUISR, The Bohicas, Whitemoor, Beautiful Bodies, Robyn Sherwell, Halsey, Soren Bryce, Nola Wren, PAU, Taylor Berrett, Ken Ashcorp, Karen O, Cole Apperson, Lyloh.;

ETM 45 Binge Listen Music

Denyse Tontz, Future Love Hangover, K.I.D., Anaria, Speelburg, Ghost Lit Kingdom, Major Leagues, SKYA, Cyril Hahn, Spector, Kiings, Orangabang, Jocelyn Alice, Machineheart, Shayna King, and Pennybirdrabbit.;

ETM 44 Second Hand Music

Sea Legs, Nova and The Experience, Zella Day, Robert DeLong, Hunter Hunted, Sommer, Kate Miller, Evening Darling, Kate Boy, Paces. Reija Lee, Deaf Rhino, Methyl Ethel, The Stanfields, Chief Scout, EMP!RE, I Set The Sea On Fire, PINS and The Planetoids.;

ETM 43 Orange Is the New Music

Vera Jonas, Findlay, CAPPA, Kerosene, Big Data, Holychild, Bully, Alex Winston, KLARA. Vytiskova, Holly Miranda, The Chainsmokers, Family of the Year, Kita Alexander, Automagik, Naive New Beaters, Jain, Eves The Behavior and Biting Elbows.

ETM 42 Dusty Rhodes Music

S (Jenn Ghetto), Gabriella Gibboni, The Stereophones, Balthazar, Tok, Kero Kero Bonito, Clara Van Wel, I the Mighty, Boulevards, AYLA, Angie, Rita Satch, Tiny Little Houses, Ali E, The Rubens, and Cabriellas.

ETM 41 Come Together Music

ASTR, Dylan Kelly, By The Glory, Cellars, Skipping Girl Vinegar, DATA, Benny Sings, Asta, Allday, Miracles of Modern Day Science, Ryan Montbleau Band, Broadside, Tim Heidecker, New Politics, Bean, Favulous, Cybil, Bully, Second Lovers, BF/GF, and The Danes.