ETM 60 Songs of Episode 60

Boxxer, Mose + The FMLY, I Set The Sea On Fire, Coda Conduct, Pandamic, Baby Blue, Tanzer, IV League, Von Stache, Hannahband, Drop Legs, Ocean Bones, Sex on Toast, Self Talk, Liyv and Georgia Reed.

ETM 59 International Day of Music

Elizabeth Rose, Froyo, Devon Loch, LYLOH, Eastward, Gypsy & The Cat, WAAX, Machine Age, Tropical Zombie, Verge Collection, The Burning Roaches, Hedge Fund, Sans Parents, Cub Sport, Violent Soho, and The Bear Hunt.

ETM 58 Valentine’s Day Music

FMLYBND, Boo Seeka, Why We Run, Anna O, Francesca de Valence, Luca Brasi, REYNA, Banoffee, Bag Raiders, Graphic Fiction Heroes, Jessie Siren, Chelsea Lankes, Stevie Cliff, Dua Lipa, HIGHS, Old Sault, and Chloe.;

ETM 57 Music Oddity

Mleo, Bootleg Rascal, I Am Karate, Holy White Hounds, DMA's, Paint The Muse, Mark Johns, Pleasure Beach, Milkjazz, Any Other, SubtleFeud, Bianca Jane, Braves, and I Am Machi.

ETM 56 Favourite Songs of 2015

Scott Helman, Dead Sara, Myami, Hedge Fund, Ivan & Alyosha, HOLYCHILD, Cellars, Asta, Kita Alexander, Jain, Eves The Behavior, The Bohicas, Denyse Tontz, Wayfarers, Jess Kent, COSBY, Oh Be Clever, and Coda Conduct.;

ETM 55 Music Rewind

Sparrows, Miya Folick, The Estrons, Dexters, Lila Gold, Maids, Go Van Go, Myami, Fingertips, Atomic Tom, Saytr Play, Left Boy, Space Monk, Goodnight Moon, Offspring of Convicts, VÉRITÉ, Lamp Shade Betty, Automagik, and Lizzo.

ETM 54 Eat This Musique

Marksman Lloyd, I Set The Sea On Fire, Grandsister/Sarah Belkner, Jess Kent, KStewart, Dave, Eat Your Heart Out, Maddy Jane, Kid Runner, Ashley Leone, c.o.o.p., Memoryy, The Smittens, Dollys, Boo Seeka, Vast Hill, Chad Mundt and Claws and Organs.

ETM 53 Happy Halloween Music

The Cell Phones, Late Night Alumni, Lazyboy Empire, Rob G, 8Foot Felix, We Are Thieves, Apache Tomcat, Carroll, Keshco, Uiutna, White Mystery, Monk Turner, Sleep Out, Steve Wynn and Lover!;

ETM 52 Marty McFly’s Playlist

Erica Eso, Miracles of Modern Day Science, Hazel English, Bully, Felix Snow, The Golden Pony, Ryder, Good Kid, Mr. Little Jeans, Muvo De Icon, Vanesssa Jackson, Foxtrax, Auguste, Alex Lahey, Lilt, Milan, Buoy and Babaganouj.

ETM 51 Volkswagen Music

The Struts, The Sam Willows, Delaney Kai, Kali Uchis, Gabrielle Aplin, No Vacation, Colleen D'Agnostino, COSBY, DNCE, Wayfarers, Gain Eleven, Ainslie Wills, Nicole Brophy, Meg Myers, Bad Bad Hats, IAMDYNAMITE and Isaura.