THis page contains the podcast feed for Eat This Music, which includes interviews – from the very beginning of Eat This Music back in 2016 – and radio episodes not aired on radio.

Eat This Music for 16 December 2020

This week on Eat This Music I have new music from PNAU & Ladyhawke, Gaullin & Katy Tiz & Martin Jensen, Giiants & MAYLYN & Martin Jensen, Daine, and many others.

Eat This Music For 10 June 2020

On this week's program I have new music from The Aston Shuffle & Tensnake, Ninajirachi, Reuben Gray, dekleyn, Ayla, Eves Karydas, Sammi Constantine, Luna Vexa, and many others.

Eat This Music for 3 June 2020

This week on Eat This Music I have new music from Brlee & Magdalena, Stace Cadet & KLP, Rob Tirea, FirstWorld & Luis Crucet, Nussy, Blimes and Gab, SA.MAY and many others.

Eat This Music for 27 May 2020

This week on Eat This Music I have new music from Ukiyo & Maribelle, PNAU & Vlossom, Velvet Shakes, KEiiNO, Foxes, Izzy Bizu and many others.

Eat This Music for 20 May 2020

This week on Eat This Music I have new music from the likes of ITheia, Gil Glaze, Latroit & Fred Falke & Zen Freeman & Charlz, and many others.

Eat This Music for 13 May 2020

This week on Eat This Music I have new music from Dave Winnel, Josh Charm & Gil Glaze, Mike Mago & Kelli-Leigh, Ninajirachi, and many others.

Eat This Music for 3 May 2020

This week on Eat This Music I have new music from L.M. Queen, Discrete & Charla K, Cate Ferris, Taka Perry & Gia Vorne, Morgan, and many others.

Eat This Music for 26 April 2020

This week on Eat This Music I have new music from Wwoman, Midnight Pool Party, Odd Mob, Essy, 88/89, Chloe Black, ARIA, Diplo x SIDEPIECE, LUVK x VenessaMichaels, DOOLIE, Luna Vexa, Chelsea Warner, Noelle, Jouska, Howling, Thorne, Trrma x Enea Pascal, Veople, Iann Dior x Machine Gun Kelly x Travis Barker, Josie Proto, Katanak, Low […]

Eat This Music for 19 April 2020

This week on Eat This Music I have new music from Purple Disco Machine x Sophie and the Giants, The Baroness, Wilkie, CLYPSO x Raave Tapes, Discovery Zone, The Naked and Famous and many others.

Eat This Music for 12 April 2020

This week on Eat This Music I have new music from FLUIR, Go Freek x IDA Flo, Just A Gent x Xavi x Akira Flay, Arno Cost x Norman Doray, Nina Las Vegas and many others.

Eat This Music for 5 April 2020

On the program I have new music from Brittany Maggs, DJ Tigerlily, Glow Beets, Aimee Broom, Holiday Party, Owl Eyes, Natalie Shay, Ghita, Sophiegrophy, AMTRAC, Augustine, Bad Pony, NCA Lines, Uppermost, Hermitude, and many others

Eat This Music for 11th September 2019

Unfortunately Eat This Music did not air on radio this week, so I am releasing the entire show as a podcast for you to enjoy. On the program I have new music from TCTS, ALTA, Verasect, Grimes, Giiants, NICOLAAS, Panaviscope, Claire Ridgely, HOLYCHILD, Patawawa, Asmik Shiroyan, Baby Taylah, Sam Feldt, Anna of the North, Wafia […]

ETM 179 Montaigne

I recently spoke to Australian pop artist Montaigne about her brand new album 'COMPLEX'.

ETM 178 Antony & Cleopatra

This past week I had the opportunity to have a chat with Australian/British London-based duo Antony & Cleopatra

ETM 177 Fluir

Fluir on the creation of ‘Higher Ground’, the meaning of her name ‘FLUIR’, creating music and more.

ETM 176 Psychedelic Porn Crumpets

Jack from Psychedelic Porn Crumpets joins me on the program to chat about their brand new single 'Bill's Mandolin', the announcement of their album, forthcoming tour and more.

ETM 175 Butterfingers

Evil Eddie from Butterfingers on their what they have coming up in 2019, staying fresh, and much more.

The Wombats

An interview I did with The Wombats in July 2018.

ETM 174 The Getaway Plan

I had the opportunity to chat to Matthew from the nearly 20-year-old band about what they have been up to and what they may or may not have in stall for 2019.

ETM 173 Sunset City x Samantha Jade, Midnight Pool Party, Astrid S, Sofi Tukker x Zhu, Haiku Hands and many others

Sunset City x Samantha Jade, Midnight Pool Party, Astrid S, Sofi Tukker x Zhu, Haiku Hands and many others

ETM 172 Wednesday 29 January

Young & Sick, La Felix x KOLE, LO'99 x Owl Eyes, Magnus Murphy, Nightlights, LOSTLEY, Dillon Francis x Alison Wonderland and more.

ETM 171 Favourite Songs of 2018 – Part 2

Tonight on the program I present to you part 2 of my favourite tracks of 2018, featuring Alison Wonderland, Elohim, Vaarwell, Banoffee, Tove Styrke, Bearson, Boy Graduate x Brian Fresco and many others.

ETM 170 Favourite Songs of 2018 – Part 1

Tonight on the program I present to you part 1 of my favourite tracks of 2018, featuring Alison Wonderland, What So Not x Skrillex x KLP and many others.

ETM 169 Ella Fence

Last week I had a chat with Ella Fence about her new single "Call Girl", grant funding her new album, obsessions with other artists, Australian Music Week and more. Great talent, great artist and it was a blast to have a chat to her again.

ETM 168 Marla Saint

"Mad" is the brand new single from Gold Coast artist Marla Saint.

ETM 167 360

I recently had a chat with 360 while he was on break from his Vintage Modern Regional Tour - to chat about his music.

ETM 165 Aeora

Aeora makes a return to the program to chat about her new single 'Party All Night' and forthcoming EP 'Let Loose', due out for release in July.

ETM 164 British India

This week on Eat This Music, Will Drummond from British India chats about the release of their sixth studio album, 16-show touring schedule and more

ETM 163 G Elenil

This week on Eat This Music, Brisbane artist G Elenil joins me to chat about her new record 'Kin', out this Friday.

ETM 162 Simple Plan

This week on Eat This Music, Jeff Stinco from Simple Plan chats about the 15th Anniversary Tour Edition Re-release of No Pads, No Helmets… Just Balls, plus their upcoming Australian tour, the early days of the band, 20 years of Simple Plan, what Simple Plan have coming up in 2018 and more. 15th Anniversary World […]

ETM 161 Heaps Good Friends

Recently I had a chat with Dan from Heaps Good Friends about their debut EP ‘Hug Me’, forthcoming shows, positivity and other good stuff.

ETM 160 Chase Atlantic

Today I spoke with Christian from Chase Atlantic about their debut album

ETM 159 What So Not

This week Australian electronic producer What So Not chats about his debut album 'Not All The Beautiful Things', due out this Friday, March 9.

ETM 158 Reece Mastin

MASTIN (Reece Mastin) on his new single 'Not The Man For You', his career so far, 2018 and more.

ETM 157 Borneo

Today I spoke with Tim from Borneo about their new EP Rebel Mindtricks.

ETM 156 Kyso

Kyso on his new offering ‘Drop Out’, working with Dex, what comes next, and more.

ETM 155 Robinson

Yesterday I had a chat with pop artist Robinson about her new single 'Nothing to Regret', which is out today.

ETM 154 Harts

This week on Eat This Music, Melbourne-based artist Harts chats about his new single 'Ain't Nothin' On Me'.

ETM 153 CJ Babbington from Bakers Eddy

This week on Eat This Music, New Zealand-via-Melbourne's Bakers Eddy member CJ Babbington joins me to chat about their new single 'Sad and Happy'.

ETM 152 Adrian from Fight The Sun

This week on Eat This Music, Adrian from Fight The Sun chats about their debut self-titled EP.

ETM 151 Mary Webb

This week on Eat This Music, Mary Webb chats about her new album 'Love Like Plants'.

ETM 150 Chloe Wilson from Sumner

This morning I had a chat with Chloe Wilson from Sumner to chat about their debut EP - which is out today!

ETM 149 Grouplove

This week on Eat This Music, co-founding member of Grouplove, Christian Zucconi chats about what Grouplove has planned in 2018 and other good stuff.

ETM 148 Biscotti

This week on Eat This Music, Melbourne pop artist Biscotti chats about her new music video for 'Fantastico'.

ETM 147 Merpire

This week on Eat This Music, Melbourne pop artist Merpire chats about her new single 'Hauntways'.

ETM 146 Tim Hart from Boy & Bear

This morning I spoke with Tim Hart - from Boy & Bear - about his new solo record 'The Narrow Corner', due out February 2

ETM 145 LA. Faithfull

This week on Eat This Music, I had a very long, informative and fun chat with Melbourne pop artist LA. Faithfull about her new single 'Heart Back' and other good stuff.

ETM 144 Shannon Noll

This week on Eat This Music, Australian music legend - and all around nice guy - Shannon Noll joins me to chat about his new album 'Unbroken'

ETM 143 Dave Power

Brisbane musician Dave Power joins me to chat about his new single ‘Close Behind’

ETM 142 Chris Lanzon from Instereo

This week on Eat This Music, Chris Lanzon from Sydney duo Instereo joins me to chat about what the duo have coming up in 2018 and some other good stuff.

ETM 141 Josh Stuart From Behind Crimson Eyes

This week on Eat This Music I catch up with Josh Stuart from iconic Australian band Behind Crimson Eyes.

ETM 140 Brandon Stockbridge from Almond Soy

This week on Eat This Music I had a quick chat with Brandon from Perth band Almond Soy about their new EP ‘Social Misfit’.

ETM 139 Shelley Segal

Melbourne artist Shelley Segal joins me on the last episode of 2017 to chat about her new single ‘Somebody Like You’.

ETM 138 Yelderbert

This week on Eat This Music, Melbourne-based artist Yelderbert chats about creating his new project, making his debut single ‘Let Go‘ and more.

ETM 137 Otto Wicks-Green from Sleepmakeswaves

This week on Eat This Music, Otto Wicks-Green from Sleepmakeswaves chats about their upcoming five-show tour with Rosetta kicking off December 5 and much more.

ETM 136 King IV

This week on Eat This Music, Melbourne electronic artist King IV talks about the creation of her music project.

ETM 135 Josh Graham from Enerate

This week on Eat This Music, Josh Graham from Sydney electronic dreamy pop band Enerate chats about their debut record ‘Good Times Airlines’.

ETM 134 Josh Cashman

This week on Eat This Music, Josh Cashman chats about his new EP 'Instinct'

ETM 133 Emily Smart from Nakatomi

This week on Eat This Music, one half of Adelaide indietronic duo Nakatomi, Emily Smart, chats about their new single ‘Wooden Castle’


This week on Eat This Music, VASSY joins me to chat about her new single with Afrojack titled 'Lost'

ETM 231 Tommy Spender from Mama Kin Spender

This week on Eat This Music, one half of Mama Kin Spender, Tommy Spender, chats about their new single - which was created within an hour.

ETM 130 Nic Puertolas from Food Court

This week on Eat This Music, Nic Puertolas from Sydney band Food Court chats about their first album 'Good Luck'.

ETM 129 Fergus Linacre from Kingswood

This week on Eat This Music, Fergus Linacre from KINGSWOOD joins me to chat about their new album and other good stuff.

ETM 128 Davey Lane

This week on Eat This Music, lead guitarist of You Am I, Davey Lane, joins me to chat about his new solo album 'I'm Gonna Burn Out Bright'.

ETM 127 Samantha Lavery

This week on Eat This Music, North East, England pop artist Samantha Lavery joins me on the program to chat about her new single, 'Beat of You'.

ETM 126 KG

This week on Eat This Music, Canberra-based hip hop artist KG joins me to chat about his new single and music video, 'Mabo, Martin and Mandela'.


Adelaide artist MANE joins me to chat about her new single and music video for 'What If The Love Dies'.

ETM 124 Alex the Astronaut

Alex the Astronaut joins me to chat about her forthcoming EP, 'See You Soon', releasing this Friday.

ETM 123 Bella Nicholls from Demon Days

Bella Nicholls from Perth band, Demon Days, joins me to chat about their new single 'Killer Bees'.

ETM 122 Hamish Graham from Young Robin

Hamish Graham from Perth indie rock/pop band, Young Robin, joins me to chat about their latest single ‘Stay’.

ETM 121 ET Le créateur

Sydney-based electronic artist ET Le créateur joins me to chat about about growing up in the Congo and his new single 'Lucid Dreaming'

ETM 120 Marksman Lloyd

Perth hip-hop artist Marksman Lloyd joins me to chat about his new EP 'Portals’.

ETM 119 Addison Axe from The Tommyhawks

On this episode of Eat This Music, Addison from The Tommyhawks joins me to chat about their new EP 'This Is Not A Desert Island'

ETM 118 Jeff Rosenstock

Jeff Rosenstock joins me to chat about his forthcoming sixth tour of Australia

ETM 117 Josh Pyke

On this week's Eat This Music, Josh Pyke provides an insight into his music

ETM 116 Spencer Scott from Paper Thin

This week on the program Spencer Scott from Newcastle band Paper Thin joins me to chat about their new single 'When You Call'.

ETM 115 Georgia Mae

Australian-via-San Francisco native Georgia Mae joins me to chat about her new single 'Girl Next Door'

ETM 114 Aeora

Melbourne-based pop artist Aeora joins me to chat about her new single 'Fenceline', playing gigs, liking Banks, and much more.

ETM 113 Georgia Fields

Melbourne artist Georgia Fields joins me to chat about her co-headlining Sky and Sea Tour with Phia

ETM 112 Stu Watts from The Playbook

Stu Watts from Melbourne punk band The Playbook joins me to chat about their new single 'Reach'

ETM 111 Bonnie Fraser from Stand Atlantic

Bonnie Fraser from Stand Atlantic joins me to chat about their new EP ‘Sidewinder’ and single 'Coffee at Midnight'.

ETM 110 Joe Hansen from Grinspoon

Joe Hansen from Grinspoon joins me to chat about the 20th anniversary of 'Guide to Better Living'

ETM 109 Sam Buckingham

Sam Buckingham joins me to chat about her new (second) album ‘The Water’

ETM 108 Sarah Robinson

Sarah Robinson joins me to chat about her new book 'Fuck Off and Die'

ETM 107 Allie & Ivy

Allie and Ivy joins me on the program to chat about her new single 'Money'

ETM 106 Jonny Taylor

Jonny Taylor takes time off his 14 show tour to chat about the tour, his new single, his form of "Grunchry" (Grunge/Country), and much more

ETM 105 Sarah from Simone & Girlfunkle

Sarah from Simone & Girlfunkle joins me to chat about the origins of the band, working together, their new single, forthcoming LP and much more.

ETM 104 Nat Cochran from KINGS

Nat Cochran from KINGS joins me to chat about their new LP coming out this Friday

ETM 103 Kirklandd

Kirklandd joins me to talk about the creation of his new record 'Dynasty', opening for Seth Sentry, the advantages of being confused with the Costco brands and much more!

ETM 102 Daniel Arnott from The Royal Parks

Eat This Music broadcasts live from 10PM on 89.3FM - 2GLF.

ETM 101 Mel & Lauren from Market Lane

Mel and Lauren from Market Lane join me to chat about their forthcoming venture, Train Line Sessions.

ETM 100 Ella Fence

This time on Eat This Music I was joined by Queensland-based pop artist Ella Fence.

ETM 99 Axel Carrington from Rag n’ Bone

This week on the program I was joined by Axel Carrington (Guitarist) from Perth, Western Australia, four-piece Rag n' Bone, whom also have their debut album, 'A Handful of Ash', being released this Friday, 3 March.

ETM 98 Sarah Belkner

This week on the program Sarah Belkner joins me to talk about her new album; due out for release on Friday, February 3.

ETM 97 Australia Day Eve Music

KLP, Clairy Browne, Methyl Ethel, The Pink Tiles, Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, Green Buzzard, New Venusians, Iluka, Foreign Architects, Glitoris, Biscotti and Malka.

ETM 96 La La Music

Mookhi x Billy Fox, Asha, Cosmo's Midnight, PVT, Imperial Broads, Emilee South, The Wildbloods, Oslow, Wet Lips, The Creases, Horror My Friend and Paradigm.

ETM 95 Alex the Astronaut

This week on the program Alex the Astronaut joins me to talk about her new single "Already Home", here upcoming gigs in Sydney and more.

ETM 94 Favourite Songs of 2016 – Part 2

Waza x Aquila Young, Iluka, Death Team, Mezko, Nicole Millar, Whispering Jacie, Pearls, Mallrat, Bec Sandridge, and a cover of Silverchair by The Gooch Palms.

ETM 93 Favourite Songs of 2016

Tonight on the Best of 2016 program, I was joined by Elliott. We talked about a whole bunch of things, but the main reason for the show was to feature my favourite songs of 2016; from the likes of Alex the Astronaut, San Mei, Quintessential Doll, Jess Kent, Noella Nix, KLP, Ali Barter, Naations, Elki, Mischief, Coda Conduct x Jimblah.

ETM 92 Second Last Show of 2016

Electric Fields, FeelsClub, Millington, The Sorted, Mosquito Coast, World Wild, Stevie Bankster, 808s and Greatest Hits, Tinpan Orange, Urthboy, Elki, Alex Lahey, Alison Wonderland x M-Phazes and SPOD.

ETM 91 Boys Music

Hayley Couper, ELKI, Jess Kent, PLTS, Young Robin, Parcels, Jade Imagine, Ezrato x Stella Rhymes, Premiss x Marksman Lloyd x Coin Banks, Bliss n Eso x Lee Fields and Spod. Eat This Music broadcasts Wednesdays from 10PM on 89.3FM – 2GLF. Links: – Website: – Facebook: – Twitter: – Tumblr: – […]

ETM 90 Ninety Music

Alison Wonderland x M-Phases, Ford x Rya Park, Essie, Gabriella Cohen, Whispering Jackie, Spike the River, Them Rumblin' Bones, Sun Sap, Jess Kent, Papperbok and PEZ x 360.

ETM 89 War on Music

Phil Barlow and the Wolf, Sahara Beck, Self Talk, Green Buzzard, Skegss, Alex L'Estrange, Enschway, Ryland Rose, New Venusians, Shukura Chapman and Dune Rats.

ETM 88 Pixelated Music

ILUKA, Nicole Millar, Pearls, Bootleg Rascal, Clubfeet, MEZKO, Vallis Alps, Letters To Lions, Tyne-James Organ, Kate Miller-Heidke, Andy Ward, San Mei and Sofi Tukker x Betta Lemme.

ETM 87 The Dead Daisies

This week I am joined by the guys from The Dead Daisies as they talk about their track 'Song and a Prayer'.

ETM 86 President’s Playlist

Mischief, Alex the Astronaut, Mo Louie, Hazel English, Austen, Emma Anglesey, Resin Moon, Youthfire, Big Words, Opaeka, Yollks, BEL, Tullara, St. South.

ETM 85 Electrik Music

Nicole Millar, WAAX, Imperial Broads, Electrik Lemonade, Mesa Cosa, The Rubens, Betty & Oswald, Robbie Miller, Husky, Hi-Tec Emotions, Sienna Skies, BV, and Lewis Cancut x Hatsume Miku.

ETM 84 Little Music

Darling James, Mary Handsome, Katy Steele, The Montreals, Lecia Louise, Jarrow, Xavier Dunn x Airling, Alexander Biggs, Lost Animal, Sleep In, Little Wise, and TV Telepath. Eat This Music airs Wednesdays at 10pm on 89.3FM – 2GLF. You can get in contact with me by sending an e-mail to See you next week.

ETM 83 Nu-Music

Stonefox, Dubmarine, KLP, Katy Steele, The Iron Eye, Apes, Broadway Sounds, MTNS, Tkay Maidza, Mansionair, Mere Women, Bleached Girls and The Brow. You can find the complete playlist over at the website. You can also find a Spotify version of tonight’s program here. See you next week!

ETM 82 Music Liaison

The Laurels, ALTA, Quintessential Doll, OKBADLANDS, Tia Gostelow, Tired Lion, King IV, Client Liaison, Noah Earp, Elli Schoen, Alpha Pi, Sienna Wild, Kingswood, Smoking Martha and Winterplan. You can find the complete playlist of the program here: A spotify version of this week’s program can be found here: You can get in contact […]

ETM 81 Musictown

Kimbra, Tigertown, Bec Sandridge, Anna Lunoe, Stack & Piece, Going Swimming, Slumlawwd, Jagwar Ma, Mellowtone, Batts, Gabriella Cohen, Bela Chase and Willow Beats.

ETM 80 Allie & Ivy

This week on the program Allie & Ivy opens the program with an introduction to her new single ‘Best Friends’. You can find out more about Allie & Ivy by heading on over to hear website: I also have brand new music from KLP, MYAMI, MORETON, Jack River, My Brothers and I, Donny Benet, […]

ETM 79 About Last Night’s Music

E^ST, Warpaint, Sparrows, Jess Kent, Gordi, MEZKO, The Iron Eye, DZ Deathrays, Hey Geronimo, Gabriella Cohen, The Bear Hunt, Vinnie LaDuce x Merryn Jeann and Camikaze x Airospace x Luna May.

ETM 78 Spring Music

Hi-Tec Emotions, Caravana Sun, Halfwait, VanderAa, All Our Exes Live in Texas, Rowena Wise, Julia Jacklin, Running Tough, What So Not, Amastro, Cherryade, LVL UP and Pretenders.

ETM 77 September 7 Music

Wallace, Tiny Little Houses, Wrabel, Izzy Bizu, Cherry Glazerr, Katy Steele, Red Eye, Teeth and Tongue, Sleigh Bells, British India, Caiti Baker, Abbey Gardner, Maxon, At/All, Tash Sultana and Moon Holiday.

ETM 76 The Last Bit of August Music

L.U.V., The Money War, Abbe May, Jack River, Winters End, Bloods, Breatherrr, He Danced Ivy, Stonefield, Ali Barter, Indian Summer x Eloise Cleary, Waza x Broadwing, Bel, Noella Nix, Tkay Maidza x Killer Mike, Georgia Mae, Biscotti and Ayla. You can find the complete playlist over at the website: You can find a Spotify […]

ETM 75 Love Ghost

Finnegan from Love Ghost opens the show with an introduction to their new song 'Friday Afternoon'. Also featured: NAATIONS, Breakaway, Soto Voce, Kav Temperley x Lucy Peach, Chet Porter x Chelsea Cutler, The Stiffys, Cheap Fakes, Ryland Rose, Fait, Holy Balm, Rainbow Chan and Tiaryn.

ETM 74 Waza

Waza x Aquila Young x Sasha from Slumberhaze, Neighbour, The Gooch Palms, The Harlots, The Belligerents, Clowns, Four Lions, Sahara Beck, Glades, Ian Sweet, Mallrat, Carla Wehbe, Duchess Says, and Katy Steel.

ETM 73 Music of the XXXI Olympiad

Verge Collection, The Dead Daisies, Clairy Browne, Sans Parents, Emma Mullings, Empat Lima, The Preatures, Coda Concuct x Jimblah, Born Joy Dead, WAAX, The Shabbab, Two People, West Thebarton Brothel Party and Morgan Delt.

ETM 72 Now That’s What I Call Music

Betty Who, MAALA, Woodlock, The Chainsmokers x Halsey, Amela, SENTIA, Pridelands, Kid Congo Powers and The Pink Monkey Birds, Mndsgn, Into It. Over It., Dustin Tebbutt, Mischief, Dorsal Fins, Marianne Digs, ZHU, Doolie, Chook Race, Georgia Fields, and Harts! Eat This Music broadcasts Wednesdays at 10PM on 89.3fm in Australia and around the world. […]

ETM 70 New Music Wednesday

Alba, Cherryade, Dom Vino, Eat This Music, Elko Fields, Feki, Georgia Reed, Hinds, Jess Locke, Lupa J, Maya, Onomoto, Oscar Key Sung, Parnell March, Patterns, Peter Garrett, Residual, Sal Kimber and The Rollin’ Wheel, ScotDrakula, The Indigo Palms, The Laurels, The Tambourine Girls, The Veils, Thom Lion, and Wolf Alice.

ETM 69 The Music of Winter

Digital Farm Animals x Nelly x Cash Cash, Freewyo, Sticky Fingers, Screaming Females, Otis High, Hein Cooper, Cleopold, Olly Murs, Drapht x DUNE RATS, Peter Garrett, Sarah Belkner, Georgia Fields x Phia, Go Van Go, Sonia, Felix Lush, DIET., Dena Amy, Morning TV and Swick x Henrik The Artist. A complete playlist of the program […]

ETM 68 Winter Wonderland Music

Delta Goodrem (and Gizzle), Angel Olsen, Gypsy and the Cat, The Comfort, Stevie, Meiko, MAGIC!, Grace, Old Sault, Jay Bovino (and Sahara Beck), Lazy Colts, Sarah Mary Chadwick, The Bennies, Wasted Wanderers, James Franklin, Alice Ivy (and RaRa), Andras, Kuosa and GL. A Spotify version of last night’s playlist can be found here: Eat […]

ETM 67 More Winter Music

MK (& Becky Hill), Steve Vai, Mumford & Sons, Run Liberty Run, MANE, Star Theatre, Skegss, Robbie Miller, Sunset Blush, Calvin Harris (& Rihanna), Hockey Dad, Hoops, Jackson Dyer, Boo Seeka, Liz Stringer, Ngaiire, Levingstone, ScotDrakula, The Mouldy Lovers, Alex Lahey, The Jimmy C, David Craft, King Tide, Polarheart and Elki. Eat This Music broadcasts […]

ETM 66 Radio Music

Little Sea, Requiem (and Kathryn Rollins), Japanese Wallpaper, Valerie, MAALA, SONDR, Bernard Fanning, Sydonia, Dinosaur Jr, The Wildbloods, SAATSUMA, Vallee, Fleur Wiber, Golden Vessel (and OKBadlands), Olympia, PON CHO (and Paige IV), Tash Sultana, Leanne Tennant, Hedge Fund, Xylo Aria, Lucy Neville, Rag n' Bone and MØ.

ETM 65 Australian Music Rules!

Mallrat, Pirra, BANFF x Caitlin Park, Moonsign, Dannika, CC the Cat, The Steele Syndicate, NYNE, Peta and the Wolves, Bears with Guns, Vera Blue, Gypsy & The Cat, Mosé + The FMLY, Bearson, Elizabeth Rose, The Veronicas, Era Istrefi, MKO Sun, The Halls, Hermitude, Camikaze, Ben Mitchell, Shag Planet, Holy Balm, Little Lovers, The New Apollos, E^ST, Skegss and Barefoot Alley.

ETM 64 Wednesday Music

Colors, Mi-Sex, Peter Garrett, Sara Watkins, The Young Presidents, Peter Bjorn and John, Self Talk, Waza, Sarah Mary Chadwick, Sunflower Bean and The Delta Riggs. The show airs every Wednesday night on 89.3FM 2GLF ( in Australia. Contact: – @eatthispodcast –

ETM 63 Weather Music

Liz Stringer, Chymes, Babaganouj, Client Liaison, Ninoosh, Dennika, Lupa J, Hockey Dad, Rufflefeather, Camp Cope, Coda Conduct, Polish Club, Peggy and The Temper Trap.

ETM 62 Anzac Day Music

Artists featured in episode 62: GL, Rachael Thompson, Abbey Grace, Top Lip, Joni in the Moon, The Lulu Raes, The Dead Love, High Horses, Anozira, Jesse Redwing, Amy Shark, Pitt the Elder, On Diamond, Summer Flake, The Ruiins and Oh Pep!

ETM 61 Artists That Should Be At Coachella

Woodes, Summer Cannibals, Jacob Moore, Vinnie LaDuce, The Living End, Caravana Sun, The Goon Sax, Tully on Tully, The Cherry Dolls, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, Sahara Beck, Pirra, Paul Dempsey and Tom Odell.

ETM 60 Songs of Episode 60

Boxxer, Mose + The FMLY, I Set The Sea On Fire, Coda Conduct, Pandamic, Baby Blue, Tanzer, IV League, Von Stache, Hannahband, Drop Legs, Ocean Bones, Sex on Toast, Self Talk, Liyv and Georgia Reed.

ETM 59 International Day of Music

Elizabeth Rose, Froyo, Devon Loch, LYLOH, Eastward, Gypsy & The Cat, WAAX, Machine Age, Tropical Zombie, Verge Collection, The Burning Roaches, Hedge Fund, Sans Parents, Cub Sport, Violent Soho, and The Bear Hunt.

ETM 58 Valentine’s Day Music

FMLYBND, Boo Seeka, Why We Run, Anna O, Francesca de Valence, Luca Brasi, REYNA, Banoffee, Bag Raiders, Graphic Fiction Heroes, Jessie Siren, Chelsea Lankes, Stevie Cliff, Dua Lipa, HIGHS, Old Sault, and Chloe.;

ETM 57 Music Oddity

Mleo, Bootleg Rascal, I Am Karate, Holy White Hounds, DMA's, Paint The Muse, Mark Johns, Pleasure Beach, Milkjazz, Any Other, SubtleFeud, Bianca Jane, Braves, and I Am Machi.

ETM 56 Favourite Songs of 2015

Scott Helman, Dead Sara, Myami, Hedge Fund, Ivan & Alyosha, HOLYCHILD, Cellars, Asta, Kita Alexander, Jain, Eves The Behavior, The Bohicas, Denyse Tontz, Wayfarers, Jess Kent, COSBY, Oh Be Clever, and Coda Conduct.;

ETM 55 Music Rewind

Sparrows, Miya Folick, The Estrons, Dexters, Lila Gold, Maids, Go Van Go, Myami, Fingertips, Atomic Tom, Saytr Play, Left Boy, Space Monk, Goodnight Moon, Offspring of Convicts, VÉRITÉ, Lamp Shade Betty, Automagik, and Lizzo.

ETM 54 Eat This Musique

Marksman Lloyd, I Set The Sea On Fire, Grandsister/Sarah Belkner, Jess Kent, KStewart, Dave, Eat Your Heart Out, Maddy Jane, Kid Runner, Ashley Leone, c.o.o.p., Memoryy, The Smittens, Dollys, Boo Seeka, Vast Hill, Chad Mundt and Claws and Organs.

ETM 53 Happy Halloween Music

The Cell Phones, Late Night Alumni, Lazyboy Empire, Rob G, 8Foot Felix, We Are Thieves, Apache Tomcat, Carroll, Keshco, Uiutna, White Mystery, Monk Turner, Sleep Out, Steve Wynn and Lover!;

ETM 52 Marty McFly’s Playlist

Erica Eso, Miracles of Modern Day Science, Hazel English, Bully, Felix Snow, The Golden Pony, Ryder, Good Kid, Mr. Little Jeans, Muvo De Icon, Vanesssa Jackson, Foxtrax, Auguste, Alex Lahey, Lilt, Milan, Buoy and Babaganouj.

ETM 51 Volkswagen Music

The Struts, The Sam Willows, Delaney Kai, Kali Uchis, Gabrielle Aplin, No Vacation, Colleen D'Agnostino, COSBY, DNCE, Wayfarers, Gain Eleven, Ainslie Wills, Nicole Brophy, Meg Myers, Bad Bad Hats, IAMDYNAMITE and Isaura.

ETM 50 Fifty Episodes Strong

Sara Kendall, Oh Be Clever, Leather Tramp, Marina Kaye, Dim Sum, Izzard & Blankts, TĀLĀ & Sylas, The Sours, Moon Boots, Janelle Kroll, Lupa J, Dive In, Fools and Foes, WRLD, Veronika Redd, Regal, Halsey, 1st Vows, and Boy.

ETM 49 Funk-N-Beats

FOXTROTT, PROHPET, Melanie Martinez, Circa Waves, LYLOH, A Brilliant Lie, Aylee, Riot Child, BUOY, JAILL, Colleen Green, Lisbon, Ocean Alley, Wayfarers, The Oh Hellos, and Hide Your Kids.

ETM 48 Hulk Hogan’s Spotify Playlist

Hazel English, Meg Mac, Kindred Fever, GJan, Lyel, Hailee Steinfeld, Frances, Jess Glynne, Tapestry, Hotboy Mula, Elderbrook, Sabella, Foxes Faux, Georgia, Kiiara, and Kitty.

ETM 47 Rowdy Roddy Music

Emily Vaughn, Foxes, Stine Bramsen, Lewis Del Mar, Born Cages, Airling, Derrival, Still Living, Glades. BØRNS, Jenny Hval, Meg Myers, FLETCHER, Mating Ritual, Rainbow Kitten Surprise, Ropo Porose, and Xprime.;

ETM 46 Splendour in the Grass 2

Photocomfort, MIYNT, Elohim, CRUISR, The Bohicas, Whitemoor, Beautiful Bodies, Robyn Sherwell, Halsey, Soren Bryce, Nola Wren, PAU, Taylor Berrett, Ken Ashcorp, Karen O, Cole Apperson, Lyloh.;

ETM 45 Binge Listen Music

Denyse Tontz, Future Love Hangover, K.I.D., Anaria, Speelburg, Ghost Lit Kingdom, Major Leagues, SKYA, Cyril Hahn, Spector, Kiings, Orangabang, Jocelyn Alice, Machineheart, Shayna King, and Pennybirdrabbit.;

ETM 44 Second Hand Music

Sea Legs, Nova and The Experience, Zella Day, Robert DeLong, Hunter Hunted, Sommer, Kate Miller, Evening Darling, Kate Boy, Paces. Reija Lee, Deaf Rhino, Methyl Ethel, The Stanfields, Chief Scout, EMP!RE, I Set The Sea On Fire, PINS and The Planetoids.;

ETM 43 Orange Is the New Music

Vera Jonas, Findlay, CAPPA, Kerosene, Big Data, Holychild, Bully, Alex Winston, KLARA. Vytiskova, Holly Miranda, The Chainsmokers, Family of the Year, Kita Alexander, Automagik, Naive New Beaters, Jain, Eves The Behavior and Biting Elbows.

ETM 42 Dusty Rhodes Music

S (Jenn Ghetto), Gabriella Gibboni, The Stereophones, Balthazar, Tok, Kero Kero Bonito, Clara Van Wel, I the Mighty, Boulevards, AYLA, Angie, Rita Satch, Tiny Little Houses, Ali E, The Rubens, and Cabriellas.

ETM 41 Come Together Music

ASTR, Dylan Kelly, By The Glory, Cellars, Skipping Girl Vinegar, DATA, Benny Sings, Asta, Allday, Miracles of Modern Day Science, Ryan Montbleau Band, Broadside, Tim Heidecker, New Politics, Bean, Favulous, Cybil, Bully, Second Lovers, BF/GF, and The Danes.

ETM 40 Music de Mayo

Hermitude, Ivan & Alyosha, Holychild, Sunset Sons, Of Verona, Race the Flux, Oh, Be Clever, Oh, Cassius!, Aimee Lou, Coda Conduct, REIKA, Turnover, Bad Luck, Ainslie Wills, Ben Wright Smith, and Rexxy.

ETM 39 1st Year Anniversary Show

Megan Washingston/Jasper Leak, Hedge Fund, Hazel English, Mathien, Ocean Bones, The Dead Love, Scott Helman, Tenterhook, Geowulf, WILSN, Elena Stone, Thom Lion and The Tamers, Hockey Dad, and Release The Hounds.

ETM 38 Coachella Music

Cathedrals, Beth Moore, Blasted Mechanism, Mating Ritual, Stand Atlantic, Libertay, Waxahatchee, Eliot Sumner, Max Frost, Ceremony, Fantastic Negrito, Myami, Ella Thompson and Kathryn Rollins.;

ETM 37 Easter Music

Dead Sara, Dear Rouge, Jon Bellion, Stonefox, Big Data, Airport Impressions, SKIP&DIE, Itchy Poopzkid, Superheaven, Genevieve, Deeper Upper, Lower Dens, The Moonlandinz, X Ambassadors, Highly Suspect, The Kenneths and Hyena.

ETM 36 March Madness Music

Ro Malone, Ottawa, Wolf Alice, Attica Riots, The Hunts, AKDK, Boxed In, Kingswood, Rebecca's Room, The Stereophones, Jessica Hernandez and The Deltas, Miracles of Modern Day Science, Kristin Slipp, Shenna, Cut Your Hair, The Colourist, and Carnival Youth.;

ETM 35 Very Late Valentine’s Day Music

Baby Baby, PHFAT, JungFreud, Greg Chiapello, Babaganouj, The Bungalows, Moriaty, Julia Why?, Dark Fair, Ash-Leigh, Super Kaleida, Hippo Campus, Misty Miller, Ottawa, Miracles of Modern Day Science, Kristin Slipp, and The Hunts.

ETM 34 Australia Day Music

Polish Club, New Regulars, The Reversals, Emma and The Hungry Truth, Rolling Blackouts, The Black Ocean, Birds With Thumbs, Covers, The British Blues, Eleanor Dunlop, Glass Towers, Andre, Elana Stone, State Shirt, and Supercontinents.

ETM 33 Favourite Songs Of 2014

Winters End, Elsie Lange, East, Kingswood, Skyways Are Highways, Pigeon, Big Data, Little Odessa, Marksman Lloyd, Run For Your Life, The Twoks, Dubioza Kolektiv, These New South Whales, Amy Shark, Riff Raff, Foxsmith, Julia Why, and Daily Meds.

ETM 32 Summer Music

Caitlin Park, Swim Season, Born Joy Dead, Maids, Superholics, Naked Bodies, Stax Osset, Dianas, Wolf Cola, Brufield, Jason Manic, Jordan St. Quintin, Split Feed, Saskwatch, Kate Kay Es, Flower Drums, and Drawcard.

ETM 31 The Lost Episode 2

Slow Turismo, March of the Real Fly, Kylie Whitney, The Walking Who, ay'b'free MC, Vivant, The Jensens, Xavier Blake, Chris Magira, Split Feed, Emperors, Too Soon!, Childsaint, Tobias Hengeveld, Doctopus, Amy Rose, and Twin Caverns.

ETM 30 Budget Cut Music

Dianas, Lupa J, Omiera, KP, Milestones, Rainbow Chan, Belltalk, Bootleg Rascal, RedSpencer, Willowy, Tourism, Sarah Belkner, Buoy Oh Buoy, Love You More, The Expol, Smashed Jaffas, and SALTAIR.

ETM 29 G20 Music

WAITS, Hedge Fund, I Know Leopard, Ali E, GL, Cub Sport, The Pretty Littles, Phia, Thelma Plum, The Furrs, St. South, Julia Why?, Azura, Koolta, Total Giovanni, Timberwolf, and Dan Delux.

ETM 28 Not That Kind of Music

Zombie Cats, Timothy Nelson & The Infidels, Foreign/National, Sons of Rico, The Stiffys, Lincoln le Fevre, No Sister, Open Swimmer, Smoke Stack Rhino, Latham's Grip, Heads of Charm, The Bennies, Goldielocks, The Demon Parade, White Hex, and Dylan Joel.

ETM 27 Sunday Night Music

Magic Bones, Tired Lion, Glass Skies, Mayweather, Forbes, Kween G, Seeka, Coin Banks, The Trotskies, Dear Seattle, Bare Bones, and Family Values.

ETM 26 Gough Music

Violet Swells, Rachel By The Stream, Big Friendly Giant, Biddlewood, Twin Haus, The Pink Tiles, Silver Hills, Naked Bodies, Alpha Beta Fox, Monte, and Holy Models.

ETM 25 Snow Music

Kathryn Rollins, The British Blues, The Dark Hawks, Super Best Friends, Stonefield, Brave, Eves, Gordi, The Former Love, Alexa, Jesse Davidson, Problems, Julia Henning, and Emma and The Hungry Truth.

ETM 24 A Whole Lot of Music 2

Waterford, Wow and Flutter, SWRLS, The Mondays, Young Maverick, Run to Damascus, Dream In Colour, Jonesez, 3Speed Dragster, Eloise Ashton, Eat Your Heart Out, Captives, Messrs, Drawcard, The Kite Machine, Pinch Hitter, Roku Musi, Saint Abbé, Yes I'm Leaving, Little Casino, Tom West, Joni in the Moon, Vowel Movement, The Ocean Party, Ellen Kibble, Usurper of Modern Medicine, Love Hate Rebellion, The Houses, Boatfriends, Anders, Sui Zhen, Bjear, Birdz, and Dubioza Kolectiv.

ETM 23 Rabbitohs Music

Music for you to listen to while getting over the NRL Grand Final.

ETM 22 Hawthorn Music

Music for you to listen to while getting over the AFL Grand Final.

ETM 21 Study Music

Music for you to enjoy while studying for your exams.

ETM 20 Sons of Music

I'd like to believe Mr. Larson would have some music taste.

ETM 19 Joan Rivers’ Music Police

If Joan Rivers did a Fashion Police type show about music, this would be it.

ETM 18 The Lost Episode

The lost Eat This Music episode.

ETM 17 Mrs. Doubtfire’s Mixtape

It was only fitting to think about what would be on Mrs. Doubtfire’s mixtape. Enjoy.

ETM 16 MusicBusters

A massive amount of music for you to enjoy during the week.

ETM 15 Music-Con

A bunch of songs - nothing to do with San Diego Comic-Con - for you to enjoy during the week.

ETM 14 Splendour In The Grass

Not at Splendour in the Grass this year? Me either! Enjoy these tracks.

ETM 13 The Cure For Your Hangover

Songs to cure that weekend hangover.

ETM 12 A Whole Lot of Music

A whole lot of music for you to enjoy during the week.

ETM 11 Mixed Bag of Beats

A mixed bag of beats for you to enjoy during the week.

ETM 10 Music Waltz

A random mix of music for you to enjoy during the week.

ETM 9 Made In Australia

It's all about Australian music.

ETM 8 Non-Stop Music

No ads, no talking, it's non-stop music.

ETM 7 Heroes of Folk

It's all about heroes of folk.

ETM 6 Chilled Sounds

Songs to chill out to during the week.

ETM 5 New Beats

New beats that you may or may not like.

ETM 3 Live Aid

It's all about LIVE and Unplugged music.

ETM 2 Accessible Headliners

Episode 2 was meant to be a cover special, but due to bad time management on my part, that doesn't happen.

ETM 1 MusicMania

Welcome to the first episode of Eat This Music! Tune in, relax, and enjoy.