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ETM 110 Joe Hansen from Grinspoon

Joe Hansen from Grinspoon joins me to chat about the 20th anniversary of 'Guide to Better Living', playing gigs, possibly releasing more music, wanting to be Violent Soho and much more

ETM 109 Sam Buckingham

Sam Buckingham joins me to chat about her new (second) album ‘The Water’

ETM 108 Sarah Robinson

Sarah Robinson joins me to chat about her new book 'Fuck Off & Die' - shitty tips for getting through the fucked up first month of a break up

ETM 107 Allie & Ivy

Allie and Ivy joins me on the program to chat about her new single 'Money'

ETM 106 Jonny Taylor

Jonny Taylor takes time off his 14 show tour to chat about the tour, his new single, his form of "Grunchry" (Grunge/Country), and much more

ETM 105 Sarah from Simone & Girlfunkle

Sarah from Simone & Girlfunkle joins me to chat about the origins of the band, working together, their new single, forthcoming LP and much more.

ETM 104 Nat Cochran from KINGS

Nat Cochran from KINGS joins me to chat about their new LP coming out this Friday

ETM 103 Kirklandd

Kirklandd joins me to talk about the creation of his new record 'Dynasty', opening for Seth Sentry, the advantages of being confused with the Costco brands and much more!

ETM 102 Daniel Arnott from The Royal Parks

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