‘Wolves’ – Rise Against


  1. Wolves
  2. House On Fire
  3. The Violence
  4. Welcome to the Breakdown
  5. Far From Perfect
  6. Bullshit
  7. Politics of Love
  8. Parts Per Million
  9. Mourning In Amerika
  10. How Many Walls
  11. Miracle

Tomorrow is the day fans of Rise Against have been waiting for, the release of their eighth studio album, ‘Wolves’.

Featuring more than 11-tracks, full of fast paced, heavy, and modern rock, the four-piece from Chicago continue to show why they are still one of the best rock bands in the world going today – since their inception 18 years ago.

The origins of the eighth album go all the way back to when it used to have the world title of “Mourning in America,” however, due to the shift of the U.S. presidential election, some of the members of the band felt emotions of somber and helpless due to the result, but decided they needed to create an album that focused more on our potential than our failings. That turned out to be Wolves.

Speaking on the release of the new album, Rise Against’s lead vocalist Tim McIlrath noted how “If you are in the wilderness and you hear wolves howling, what you’re hearing might be an animal lost or mourning,”

“But it doesn’t make you any less afraid. You know they’re there. And you know what this powerful pack of animals is capable of.”

With a bit of political messages within the album, it is an enjoyable album and one to add to the collection, as it isn’t just an ordinary hardcore album, it feels like a punk record with messages and moves from song to song, fast, furious, and doesn’t stop.

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Rise Against's 'Wolves' is their 8th studio release and it is about recognising the power within all of us; it's a primal call for the prey to become the hunters.
Steve Likoski