‘When You Go’ – From White To Gray



  1. Push and Pull
  2. Lust
  3. When You Go
  4. Better Apart

‘When You Go’ is the debut EP from Charlie Gray’s solo project, From White To Gray. Who exactly is From White To Gray? I asked him that very question.

Prior to going solo and releasing his own music as From White To Gray, Charlie Gray used to create music in a trio with two of his best friends, with included a live drummer and bassist in a music project called The Common:

“I enjoyed working with other people especially in a live setting as they were also two of my best mates but I decided I wanted to make purely electronic music mainly so I could use electronic beats and bass for a more dance like feel.”

Becoming a solo artist and going out on your own can be a big change, personally and professionally, however, that change didn’t change the way From White To Gray produces his music, other than some sections:

“I still compose music in a very similar way to before however I also write the rhythm sections now. It can be tricky performing on my own but I feel that’s what defines the sound of this EP, it’s very much a solo record and at times I feel you can hear that it has been written by someone cooped up in there own space/studio for long periods of time.”

Coming in at 17 minutes, From White To Gray’s debut EP features four songs that he has curated himself, with the use of atmospheric layers, big sounds, synths, and From White To Grey’s calming vocals hovering over throughout the tracks that make this a prominent debut EP in the electronic pop sector of music.

With a lot of music on the cutting room floor – also including from his The Common days – and maybe “a second EP and then some collaboration with some of the amazingly talented people I’m around at uni,” From White To Gray is looking to move into a different direction already:

“I have a second one pretty much ready to go with new material that I am very excited about. It’s going in a slightly different direction…hopefully for the better.”

The title track of the debut EP, ‘When You Go’, is a strong anthem track that takes place over four minutes and 25 seconds.

“To most people I have played the EP to ‘When You Go’ tends to be the first track that they are drawn to. Probably because the melody is strong and memorable. It was also the first one to be written.”

When You Go is a strong EP from From White To Gray that doesn’t disappoint as a fun electronic album that isn’t too heavy on the beats. Here is a taste of what’s to offer on From White To Gray’s EP:

From White To Gray’s EP, ‘When You Go’ is now available via iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp and Soundcloud.