‘Flight’ by VenessaMichaels


Sometimes music just falls into your inbox that takes you by surprise. This is the case with VenessaMichaels‘ Debut EP ‘Flight‘.

VenessaMichaels is a DJ, producer, songwriter and singer out of California and recently the Los Angeles native – originally from San Diego, California – released her four-track debut EP ‘Flight’.

Flight is a great debut EP – with ‘Chemistry‘ being the standout of the debut EP – as it gives VenessaMichaels a lot of time to showcase how good she is as an artist. One of the most interesting songs on the debut EP isn’t actually a song at all, it’s Interlude (Hold Me) that surprised me the most with Ridin’ The Waves and Dance Forever also sounding great; in fact, I don’t believe there is a bad track on the entire EP.

As far as debuts go, VenessaMichaels has put together a fantastic four-track debut EP, it is a well-rounded debut EP with some of the most finely tuned beats and production values, and the collaborations with Outlaw The Artist, Effy and $k work so well.

I would be surprised with Flight doesn’t literally shoot VenessaMichaels’ name straight into the music atmosphere bringing joy to listeners’ ears worldwide. Flight is a great release, I like it a lot.