‘The Water’ – Sam Buckingham



  1. The Water
  2. Living In The Dark
  3. In My Baby's Arm (feat. Timothy James Bowen)
  4. Compra Los Pantalones
  5. Jolene
  6. Green Water
  7. Little Old Train (feat. Fanny Lumsden)
  8. Marina
  9. Hope
  10. Elephant Man
  11. Hammer & Love
  12. Little Water

2017 is going to big year for Australian folk artist Sam Buckingham and the release of her second album, ‘The Water’.

Have previously released an EP in 2012 and an album in 2013, Sam Buckingham has been working hard over the past four years on The Water.

Sam Buckingham’s The Water offers 12 songs full of folk-pop goodness, with a diverse sound, story-driven adventures, offering a varied degree of music over the course of the albums length. The first two songs, ‘The Water’ and ‘Living In The Dark’ are fast, quick, and offer a lot, while the first single features the first of two collaborations, the first is with Timothy James Bowen and the second with Fanny Lumsden on ‘Little Old Train’.

“It was a time of intense exploration and growth – I was affected by so many people and experiences that I was quite certain they needed to be written about. I’d pick up my guitar already knowing, in a way, what I wanted to say.”

The Water offers a bit of different languages too, with the fourth single on the album, ‘Compra Los Pantalones’, done entirely in Spanish. With was a nice surprise and change from this all-english folk album.

Jolene, Marina, Hope and Elephant Man offer more folk goodness Sam Buckingham is known for, with the inclusion of Little Water, Hammer & Love and Green Water adding a nice change of pace from the other tracks on the album.

Overall this is a great album from Sam Buckingham that isn’t just for folk fans, but for fans of music.