‘Ghost Of Me’ by Tapestry


Tapestry are a five-piece post-Hardcore band out of Darwin in the Northern Territory of Australia and their send EP ‘Ghost of Me‘ comes crashing into the music scene from tomorrow.

Featuring only seven songs and coming just under a total of 23 minutes, Darwin’s Tapestry have put together a solid offering that showcases more than just loud noises and screaming vocals.

Coming off the release of their debut EP in 2015 and the recent release of fan favourite ‘Ghost’ back in early March, Tapestry showed off why they were so enthusiastic for the release of their album with this vocal heavy, instrumentally pleasing offering of story structure and beats for days.

Speaking on the release of the album, Tapestry’s vocalist Tom expressed how “this is the release we have been itching to release for quite some time now.”

“We took our time crafting it and making sure it was exactly what we wanted to put out into the world before showing it to everyone, but now it’s finished, we can’t wait to get it out there and show everyone on this tour what we’ve been keeping under wraps. We are so stoked for what the rest of 2018 brings.”

Having only given fans a taste of the EP with Ghosts and Dark Shade, fans were itching for more, however, with the EP coming out tomorrow, fans will get what they want; with songs like ‘Life in Delusion’ and ‘Love Deception’ yet to be release – with ‘Retrospective’ and ‘Ember’ waiting in the wings – Ghost of Me offers so much for fans of hardcore to enjoy.

The EP isn’t heavy on the ears, and as stated above, the EP isn’t just full of loud noises and nonsensical beats for the sake of filling up time.

To celebrate the release of the EP, Tapestry are heading out on the road from Thursday 12 April in Perth at the Amplifier Bar and concluding on Saturday 21 April at the Corner Hotel in Melbourne with stops off in Sydney and Adelaide.

Thursday 12th April – Perth, WA – 18+
Amplifier Bar (Ambleside not appearing) – SOLD OUT

Friday 13th April – Brisbane, QLD – LIC/AA
The Triffid – SOLD OUT

Saturday 14th April – Sydney, NSW – LIC/AA
Factory Theatre – SOLD OUT

Wednesday 18th April – Melbourne, VIC – 18+
Corner Hotel

Thursday 19th April – Adelaide, SA – LIC/AA
Fowlers Live

Friday 20th April – Melbourne, VIC – AA
Arrow on Swanston

Saturday 21st April – Melbourne, VIC – 18+
Corner Hotel – SOLD OUT