‘Soft Knocks’ – Small World Experience



  1. Sugar Beats
  2. Daily Grind
  3. Party Pooper
  4. Table Talk
  5. Autistic Schtick
  6. Virtual Strangers
  7. Crash Crush
  8. Tunnel Vision
  9. Uneasy Street
  10. Call of the Wild
  11. Soft Knocks
  12. Blowaway

Small World Experience (Pat Ridgewell, Julian Patterson and Ian Wadley) are a group that recently released a single called ‘Crash Crush’, which was a taste of the album – which is out now. The single, at the time, was a song full of calm vibes, and life jealously; as the video essentially followed the mundane day of a cat’s life.

Since then, the band have been working hard on their album, which essentially adds more to what was found within Crash Crush. Sugar Beats, Daily Grind, Party Pooper, Table Talk and many others offer more minimalistic sounds, crisp vocal work, and music that offers a laid back and easy connotation throughout the entirety of its 12-track offering.

Originally formed in the late 1980s in Brisbane, Australia by songwriter/guitarist Pat Ridgewell​ and drummer Ian Wadley, the three-piece deliver more of what fans have come to like about their mixed indie pop/rock infused with Jim Webb/Burt Bacharach-styled uber-melodies.

After 19 years of performances, Small World Experience have finally released Soft Knocks​, the long awaited follow-up to their 1998 record Side Projects.

Soft Knocks​ is a wonderful collection of the kind of tunes SWE​ fans had been waiting for. The band have continued their DIY approach to recording for Soft Knocks​ though this time there’s a lush touch to the lo-fi thanks to producer John Lee.