‘Skin & Earth’ – Lights



  1. Intro
  2. Skydiving
  3. Until the Light
  4. Savage
  5. New Fears
  6. Morphine
  7. We Were Here
  8. Giants
  9. Moonshine
  10. Interlude
  11. Magnetic Field
  12. Fight Club
  13. Almost Had Me

Lights’ new album Skin & Earth has been highly anticipated for a number of reasons, as it has been three years since the release of Little Machines back in 2014, since then, Lights went on to have a child, play at Coachella, tour and continue to make music with the Little Machines follow-up, Midnight Machines.

Over the last couple of months, Lights went on to slowly reveal the core of the album, from 12 April to 18 April, Lights continued the trend of counting down to her big announcements, as Lights had previously done with Little Machines.

Speculation as to what the new album was grow larger and larger on social media, on the follow day – 19 April – Lights revealed the title of the album, which was ‘Skin & Earth’, and also the additional details of her new hair colour and the release of an accompanying comic book series that Lights was written and illustrating her self; while also releasing a teaser:

Post-release of the album teaser video, Lights’ fanbase went into overdrive of speculation, excitement and throwing their money at the computer screens. Until the next two exciting events happened out of the Lights camp, which turned out to be the release of the first single off the new album in June, titled ‘Giants’.

The single essentially set in motion what the album’s companion comic book series was all about, bringing it to life by showcasing a big dystopian future with Lights as some sort of Fallout-esq lone wanderer as the protagonist En.

Following the release of ‘Savage’ in June, Lights released the follow-up a month later in June, with ‘Skydiving’. A song that featured Lights and a caricature version of her husband Beau, as they travel in the wild and express their love for each other. However, this music video is just in Lights’ head and it works as a way for Lights to express her artistic integrity as the mastermind behind the whole project.

Following the release of ‘Skydiving’, Lights followed up with a making-of Giants and the official music videos for ‘Savage‘ and ‘New Fears‘ as recently as a week ago. Giving fans a lot of Lights content in the lead up to the release of Lights’ fourth studio album, Skin & Earth.

This brings us to the release of Skin & Earth – how exactly do the other nine other songs stack up to the four preceding tracks? ‘Until The Light’, ‘We Were Here’ and ‘Moonshine’ are some of the best tracks on the album, with ‘Kicks’ and ‘Almost Had Me’ are two of the most interesting songs on the album as it seems like an extra ordinary electro-pop song, more bigger and better than a lot of other songs on the album with the other connotation to drugs song ‘Morphine’ being a close second for being different to other songs on the album.

Skin & Earth is a solid follow-up to Lights’ already strong stable of tracks, which feature some of the most epic pop sounding atmospheres in any record going today. Lights is an incredible artist that not only shows how much of a great singer she is, but also a producer and – mostly recently – an illustrator with the companion comic book series.

Lights’ Skin & Earth is now out via all major digital retails and most physical retailers worldwide.