‘Silence’ – Auction For The Promise Club



  1. Silence
  2. See Through
  3. This May Hurt
  4. Dancer
  5. Time To Breathe
  6. Ghosts
  7. City
  8. Isn't It Enough
  9. Moonlight
  10. Cut so Close
  11. Instincts
  12. Mexico

‘Silence’ is the debit album from Cornish rock group Auction For The Promise Club. Having previously given fans a taste of their music with their debut single ‘Moonlight‘ back in February and the follow up ‘See Through‘ back in April, showcasing their diverse style of rock, while also mixing elements of not just rock, but also loud atmospheric percussion with the use of their combined efforts of guitar, bass and drums and the addition of Zoe’s vocals.

Working in collaboration with Paul Reeve (previously working with Muse, Supergrass and Beta Band) at Airfield Studios on this full 12-track album, the three-piece from Cornwall showed they are more than capability of blending various musical influences and creating dynamic, high-charged indie-rock throughout the course of individual songs.

From the get go, ‘Silence’ (also in ‘Ghosts’ too) shows an element of the band fans haven’t heard yet – compared to the two previous released which were more fast paced and energetic – it shows a more minimalistic sound for the band before kicking off into a past paced thrill ride throughout the course of the following 11-tracks.

‘This May Hurt’, ‘Dancer’ and ‘Time To Breathe’ bring back that great indie-rock sound the band have come to be known for, with Zoe’s vocals taking charge with the additional percussion playing second – however, each member play their part so well that the album’s melodies work so well together without clashing or over staying their welcome.

Without getting into specifics about every song, ‘City’, ‘Isn’t It Enough’, ‘Cut So Close’, ‘Instincts’ and ‘Mexico’ round out the album well, mixing different styles, from surf-rock, to modernised-rock, to varied rock all within the span of five songs.

Overall, Auction For The Promise Club’s debut album ‘Silence’ is a great first album and a great example of a band that deserves for exposure.