‘Souls’ by Shallou


Shallou is a California-based electronic producer and recently the Los Angeles-based musician released his sophomore EP ‘Souls’, an EP full of soothing beats, deep vibes and stories for days.

Coming off the release of the hugely popular debut EP ‘All Becomes Okay’ back in 2017, Shallou has put together a solid sophomore EP that showcases more of those diverse soundscapes of sounds fans have come to like about Shallou since his earlier releases in 2016.

With collaborations featuring Riah, Kasbo and Cody Lovaas and songs like ‘Find’, ‘Vignette’, ‘Lie’ being the standouts of the sophomore EP, Shallou has managed to continue to show why he is one of the most engaging artist currently in the electronic music scene; Souls isn’t just a sophomore EP, it is a platform for Shallou to create worlds within his own songs and Souls is a great example of an artist growing, not just personally but professionally.

Shallou’s sophomore EP ‘Souls’ is now out via Sleeptalker on all the usual digital streaming platforms.