‘Relaxer’ – alt-J


  1. 3WW
  2. In Cold Blood
  3. House of the Rising Sun
  4. Hit Me Like That Snare
  5. Deadcrush
  6. Adeline
  7. Last Year
  8. Pleader

alt-J are a group that have been around for quite some time now, with ‘Relaxer’ being their third album, how exactly does it stack up against the two previous releases of 2012’s An Awesome Wave and 2014’s This Is All Yours?

Well, quite well actually, alt-J have managed to infuse what fans have come to like about them and updated for with a 2017 vibe. Having previously given fans a taste of ‘Relaxer’ with the first teaser ‘In Cold Blood‘, fans instantly wanted more, so alt-J followed up with ‘3WW‘ and as recently as a couple of days ago with ‘Adeline‘. Still, fans wanted more, well now they don’t have to wait any longer as in the next two days alt-J’s Revolver will be released worldwide via all major digital and physical retailers.

Deciding to get back into the recording studio last summer, alt-J re-connected with producer Charlie Andrew on the record to put together an enjoying eight track album full of vibes. Within the first song’s length, you get taken on a journey that feels like you’re walking alongside a road with the wind flowing through your air, the added addition of guest vocals works well too.

While the band would like to take all the credit for the album, alt-J noted how much Charlie had a stake in it and declared that “it’s about Charlie’s hard work as well,” not just the band’s.

“We’ve always liked our music to be headphone music, that takes you on a bit of a journey. This album goes one step further, a journey into your own mind. It’s quite trippy – even though none of us are trippers.”

Depending on our mood at the time, Relaxer has quiet a bit of a selector for you, with the smooth and calmness of ‘House of the Rising Sun’, the witty and electric-ness of ‘In Cold Blood, the western-rock sounding of ‘Hit Me Like That Snare’, the disco-electronic sounding echos of ‘Deadcrush, and the two last tracks on the album ‘Last Year’ and ‘Pleader’ offering a more subliminally sounding track with the use of minimal sounds, atmosphere, acoustic setting and sporadically placed vocals throughout the course of their lengths. Great additions to the albums and a great way to settle you down from the enjoyment of the songs.