‘Punchbuzz’ – Husky



  1. Ghost
  2. Shark Fin
  3. Punchbuzz
  4. Late Night Store
  5. Cut the Air
  6. Splinters in the Fire
  7. Walking In Your Sleep
  8. Cracks In The Pavement
  9. Flower Drum
  10. Spaces Between Heartbeats

Punchbuzz is the third studio album from Husky, featuring 10 songs of Husky-goodness, right from the first single, ‘Ghost‘, Husky show why they are one of the best alternative rock bands coming out of Australia, with songs like ‘Shark Fin’, the title track ‘Punchbuzz’, ‘Late Night Store’ and ‘Cracks In The Pavement’ dominating the album, there is still room for so many other songs for you to enjoy, 10 songs just isn’t enough for any fan of their music.

Having previously released ‘Forever So‘ in 2011 and ‘Ruckers Hill’ in 2014, Husky’s Punchbuzz has managed to hold up well amongst the array of singles they duo have managed to produce over the course of their career so far.

The band noted how the this 10 track album came together fast as Gawenda noted he worked on the songs a lot over the albums production, admitting he tends “to do a lot of my writing at night,” and how he is usually up to “3 or 4 in the morning; I need those hours after midnight.” Gawenda’s Husky partner Preiss noted how he likes to write at night too. Noting how he “would sit there into the nights and write.”

“There‚Äôs something about the night time, something happens when the sun goes down. Reason and logic depart, magic and mystery arrive.”

Husky’s third album ‘Punchbuzz’ is out June 2 via Liberation Music. Find it at the links to the left and enjoy.