‘Pilot’ – Oh/Villain



  1. Heartless
  2. Constant
  3. Preacher
  4. Crying Wolf
  5. Find Me
  6. Crow's Feet
  7. Alive Like Me

I had the opportunity to interview Lars a while back about Oh/Villain and their record, since then, the band have gone on to release more music and set themselves up with gigs, more material and doing their own thing.

Oh/Villain (Julian Latouche (vocals), Petar Bezek (guitar), Lars Parto (guitar), Aaron Peacock (bass) and Joshua Moody (drums) ) are a Sydney-based five-piece and today they have released their debut EP, ‘Pilot’. Pilot is a seven track EP, featuring their two pre-EP releases, Heartless and Preacher, with five other songs yet heard.

Working in collaboration with Rohan Kumar at Broken Sounds Studios and mixed and mastered by Declan White at Declan White Productions, Pilot is essentially a strong post-hardcore x metal offering, showcasing more essential elements, full of long guitar breaks, supporting vocals, loud combined percussion and fast movement throughout. Someone ‘Constant’, ‘Crying Wolf’, ‘Find Me’ and ‘Alive Like Me’ are great additions to an already strong stable of track, with ‘Crow’s Feet’ being the only different song in the entire EP.