‘Mood Swings’ – Nova Twins



  1. Mood Swings
  2. Strange Town
  3. Losing Sleep
  4. Elephant

‘Mood Swings’ is the sophomore EP from London-based dark pop dup Nova Twins and the EP essentially features four tracks full of intense dark pop.

Offering a mix of punk, rock, grime and dark pop/electronic vibes, Nova Twins have managed to put together a solid four-track follow-up EP that showcases their intense work and great orchestrated world of sounds… or ‘Nova Sounds’ as the duo put it.

Taking inspiration from their listeners’ habits – NERD, Rihanna, Betty Davis, Jack White, Missy Elliot – the band’s approach to newer grime artists, works with their traditional band setup.

Speaking on the creation of the EP, the duo explain how “It’s a human concept; there is no face to our moods, whether it’s thrilling or ugly, we embrace it all.”

“Because of unrealistic social pressures I think people struggle with their identity… The mind is such a complex thing and we want people to be comfortable in their skin and accept the good with the bad…You are normal.”

With tracks like Mood Swings, Strange Town and Elephant transcending genres, how can you not listen to this EP from London’s Amy Love & Georgia South and not bang your head along?

30th November: Camden Assembly, London (UK)
6th December: Pirate Radio, London (UK)
31st December: The Palace, Hastings