‘Like A Stone’ – MTNS



  1. Waves
  2. Slow Motion
  3. Aes Sedai
  4. Like a Stone

Like A Stone is the sophomore EP from Brisbane electronic pop three-piece MTNS.

Following on from the release of Salvage back in 2013, the three-piece (Tom, Joeseph and Robbie) out of Brisbane have put together an assortment of four tracks that explores personal moments relating to their families, friends and faith, and for a lyrical perspective, they are based on a reflection of life from hindsight.

“These songs reflect the joining of our histories and differences. Through the process of building this EP we’ve learned a lot about collaboration in music and experienced first-hand its power to bring people together.”

Like A Stone not only serves as a platform for MTNS to share their interesting take on the world of music, it is also a platform – which plays a “big part of our new development” – that also serves as a platform for MTNS to experiment “with sounds and attempting to bring the ‘live, natural and band feel’ to the electronic scene.”

“Our first songs were all based 100% on the computer, so it was great to get out of the box and manipulate natural elements by blending them with the electronic sounds.”

MTNSLike A Stone only features four songs. It is easy to listen to and has some enjoyable moments, especially in Waves – which is the standout of the EP.