‘Mood Forever’ – Manu Crook$



  1. Day Ones
  2. Touchdown (feat. JOY)
  3. Under Pressure
  4. Ridin'
  5. Romeo
  6. All the Way

Manu Crooks exploded onto the international hip-hop scene last year with his debut track ‘Everyday’, before exceeding expectations again with the follow up breakout single ‘Blowin’ Up’.

With only one collaboration on the entire EP, it was the right choice, as JOY’s vocals adds a lot to Manu Crooks’ ‘Touchdown’, which also features sleek electronic vibes overlayed on top of R&B vibes and Manu’s duelling vocals.

Mood Forever is six track EP that showcases Manu’s great range from electronic to R&B and not just vocally but also technically as he produces some great sounds throughout the six tracks that works well with his vocals.

Manu Crook$’s Mood Forever is now out via all major digital streaming platforms.