‘Chapters’ – Lycanthrope



  1. Wings
  2. Skin & Bones
  3. Gambit
  4. Chapters
  5. Like a Ghost
  6. Follow My Name
  7. Paths Divided
  8. Bitter Resistance
  9. Blindfolded
  10. X VII

‘Chapters’ is the debut single from Newcastle Metalcore six-piece Lycanthrope and it is an album full of fast, impactful Metalcore vibes for you to enjoy.

The album kicks off with the intense performance of ‘Wings’, gliding the listener on a journey of exploration through this three minute and 13 second offerings, following the first single is ‘Skin and Bones’, a story driven offering that showcases a good structure to the band that echos throughout the rest of the album with their other great tracks, ‘Gambit’, ‘Paths Divided’, and their prominent track ‘Like A Ghost’, respectively.

Lycanthrope’s new album, ‘Chapters’ and the brand new video single ‘Like a Ghost’ were recorded in early 2017 at Spinlight Studios with Rhys Zacher. The record took the four-piece three months and has produced what is a more focused and intense sound for the band.

With tracks like ‘Follow My Name’ offering a stripped back melody-based track for 75% of the nearly four minute track, Lycanthrope have put together a solid debut self-titled album that offers more than just your typical Metalcore album as Chapters gives the four-piece out of Newcastle more than enough time to show why they are one of the best new Metalcore bands around.